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radamant ransomware

How to remove Radamant ransomware

The Radamant ransomware kit encrypts the data on your computer using AES-256 encryption and requires you to pay .5 Bitcoins, or approximately $230.88 USD, to get your files back.

radamant ransomware

Early indications suggest that Radamant ransomware is spread through various exploit kits because the ransomware will install in the %Temp% folder as a .tmp file which is common for other types of ransomware. Other factors suggest that his ransomware is part of an affiliate network or a purchased kit which can be used by realistically anyone.

The ransomware will copy itself to C:\Windows\directx.exe and create several autorun registry keys to ensure that the infection starts every time you login to Windows.  The ransomware will then scan all drive letters on your computer for files that match certain file extensions.

When the ransomware has found targeted files, it will generate a unique AES encryption key and encrypt the files with it. The encryption key will then be encrypted by a Master key and embedded into the encrypted file.

A file that has been encrypted by Radamant ransomware will obtain the .RDM extension. Extensions that Radamant ransomware currently targets includes these extensions:

1cd, dbf, dt, cf, cfu, mxl, epf, kdbx, erf, vrp, grs, geo, st, pff, mft, efd, 3dm, 3ds, rib, ma, sldasm, sldprt, max, blend, lwo, lws, m3d, mb, obj, x, x3d, movie.byu, c4d, fbx, dgn, dwg, 4db, 4dl, 4mp, abs, accdb, accdc, accde, accdr, accdt, accdw, accft, adn, a3d, adp, aft, ahd, alf, ask, awdb, azz, bdb, bib, bnd, bok, btr, bak, backup, cdb, ckp, clkw, cma, crd, daconnections, dacpac, dad, dadiagrams, daf, daschema, db, db-shm, db-wal, db2, db3, dbc, dbk, dbs, dbt, dbv, dbx, dcb, dct, dcx, ddl, df1, dmo, dnc, dp1, dqy, dsk, dsn, dta, dtsx, dxl, eco, ecx, edb, emd, eql, fcd, fdb, fic, fid, fil, fm5, fmp, fmp12, fmpsl, fol, fp3, fp4, fp5, fp7, fpt, fpt, fzb, fzv, gdb, gwi, hdb, his, ib, idc, ihx, itdb, itw, jtx, kdb, lgc, maq, mdb, mdbhtml, mdf, mdn, mdt, mrg, mud, mwb, s3m, myd, ndf, ns2, ns3, ns4, nsf, nsf, nv2, nyf, oce, odb, oqy, ora, orx, owc, owg, oyx, p96, p97, pan, pdb, pdb, pdb, pdm, phm, pnz, pth, pwa, qpx, qry, qvd, rctd, rdb, rpd, rsd, sbf, sdb, sdb, sdb, sdf, spq, sqb, stp, sql, sqlite, sqlite3, sqlitedb, str, tcx, tdt, te, teacher, tmd, trm, udb, usr, v12, vdb, vpd, wdb, wmdb, xdb, xld, xlgc, zdb, zdc, cdr, cdr3, ppt, pptx, 1st, abw, act, aim, ans, apt, asc, ascii, ase, aty, awp, awt, aww, bad, bbs, bdp, bdr, bean, bib, bna, boc, btd, bzabw, chart, chord, cnm, crd, crwl, cyi, dca, dgs, diz, dne, doc, doc, docm, docx, docxml, docz, dot, dotm, dotx, dsv, dvi, dx, eio, eit, email, emlx, epp, err, err, etf, etx, euc, fadein, faq, fb2, fbl, fcf, fdf, fdr, fds, fdt, fdx, fdxt, fes, fft, flr, fodt, fountain, gtp, frt, fwdn, fxc, gdoc, gio, gio, gpn, gsd, gthr, gv, hbk, hht, hs, htc, hwp, hz, idx, iil, ipf, jarvis, jis, joe, jp1, jrtf, kes, klg, klg, knt, kon, kwd, latex, lbt, lis, lit, lnt, lp2, lrc, lst, lst, ltr, ltx, lue, luf, lwp, lxfml, lyt, lyx, man, map, mbox, md5txt, me, mell, min, mnt, msg, mwp, nfo, njx, notes, now, nwctxt, nzb, ocr, odm, odo, odt, ofl, oft, openbsd, ort, ott, p7s, pages, pfs, pfx, pjt, plantuml, prt, psw, pu, pvj, pvm, pwi, pwr, qdl, rad, readme, rft, ris, rng, rpt, rst, rt, rtd, rtf, rtx, run, rzk, rzn, saf, safetext, sam, scc, scm, scriv, scrivx, sct, scw, sdm, sdoc, sdw, sgm, sig, skcard, sla, slagz, sls, smf, sms, ssa, strings, stw, sty, sub, sxg, sxw, tab, tdf, tdf, tex, text, thp, tlb, tm, tmd, tmv, tmx, tpc, trelby, tvj, txt, u3d, u3i, unauth, unx, uof, uot, upd, utf8, unity, utxt, vct, vnt, vw, wbk, wbk, wcf, webdoc, wgz, wn, wp, wp4, wp5, wp6, wp7, wpa, wpd, wpd, wpl, wps, wps, wpt, wpw, wri, wsc, wsd, wsh, wtx, xbdoc, xbplate, xdl, xdl, xlf, xps, xwp, xwp, xwp, xy3, xyp, xyw, ybk, yml, zabw, zw, 2bp, 0,36, 3fr, 0,411, 73i, 8xi, 9png, abm, afx, agif, agp, aic, albm, apd, apm, apng, aps, apx, art, artwork, arw, arw, asw, avatar, bay, blkrt, bm2, bmp, bmx, bmz, brk, brn, brt, bss, bti, c4, cal, cals, can, cd5, cdc, cdg, cimg, cin, cit, colz, cpc, cpd, cpg, cps, cpx, cr2, ct, dc2, dcr, dds, dgt, dib, dicom, djv, djvu, dm3, dmi, vue, dpx, wire, drz, dt2, dtw, dvl, ecw, eip, erf, exr, fal, fax, fil, fpos, fpx, g3, gcdp, gfb, gfie, ggr, gif, gih, gim, gmbck, gmspr, spr, scad, gpd, gro, grob, hdp, hdr, hpi, i3d, icn, icon, icpr, iiq, info, int, ipx, itc2, iwi, j, j2c, j2k, jas, jb2, jbig, jbig2, jbmp, jbr, jfif, jia, jng, jp2, jpe, jpeg, jpg, jpg2, jps, jpx, jtf, jwl, jxr, kdc, kdi, kdk, kic, kpg, lbm, ljp, mac, mbm, mef, mnr, mos, mpf, mpo, mrxs, myl, ncr, nct, nlm, nrw, oc3, oc4, oc5, oci, omf, oplc, af2, af3, ai, art, asy, cdmm, cdmt, cdmtz, cdmz, cdt, cgm, cmx, cnv, csy, cv5, cvg, cvi, cvs, cvx, cwt, cxf, dcs, ded, design, dhs, dpp, drw, drw, dxb, dxf, egc, emf, ep, eps, epsf, fh10, fh11, fh3, fh4, fh5, fh6, fh7, fh8, fif, fig, fmv, ft10, ft11, ft7, ft8, ft9, ftn, fxg, gdraw, gem, glox, gsd, hpg, hpgl, hpl, idea, igt, igx, imd, ink, lmk, mgcb, mgmf, mgmt, mt9, mgmx, mgtx, mmat, mat, otg, ovp, ovr, pcs, pfd, pfv, pl, plt, pm, vrml, pmg, pobj, ps, psid, rdl, scv, sk1, sk2, slddrt, snagitstamps, snagstyles, ssk, stn, svf, svg, svgz, sxd, tlc, tne, ufr, vbr, vec, vml, vsd, vsdm, vsdx, 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html, xls, xlsx, csv, xlsm, ods, xhtm

During the encryption process the ransomware will also issue a WMIC command to delete shadow volume copies on the computer it infects. It does this so victims of the infection will not be able to recover their files. The command that this ransomware uses to delete shadow volumes copies is:

process call create "cmd.exe /c vssadmin delete shadows /all /quiet"

Once Radamant ransomware has completed encrypting files it will create a file called YOUR_FILES.url on your computer which will launch the default web browser and bring you to the ransomware’s Command & Control server on the crazytrevor.com or crazytrevor.in domain. The website contains information about how you can pay the ransom such as how much the ransom payment is, how long you have to pay the ransom, and which bitcoin address to send the ransom to.

The ransomware will periodically check the Command & Control server to see if the ransom has been paid. If a payment has been made the program will automatically begin to decrypt your files.

At this time there is no solution to crack the encryption for this infection and decrypt personal files. Since the ransomware also deletes shadow volume copies a restore of shadow volumes is unlikely. However, you might be able to retrieve some of your files using reputable file recovery software like R-Studio or Photorec.

How to remove Radamant ransomware

This Radamant removal guide will help you remove Radamant ransomware and other threats from your computer. This guide does not include instructions to decrypt files that have been encrypted by this ransomware (please see the paragraph above for information about how you can decrypt your files).

  1. Scan your computer with Malwarebytes
  2. Scan your computer with HitmanPro

1. Scan your computer with Malwarebytes

The first step to remove Radamant ransomware is to download and install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software in order to perform a full system scan for malicious files.

1. Download and Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software.

2. Open Malwarebytes and click the Scan Now button or go to the Scan tab and click the Start Scan button.

3. When the Malwarebytes scan is complete click the Remove Selected button.

4. To finish the Malwarebytes scan and remove detected threats click the Finish button and restart your computer if promoted to do so.

2. Scan your computer with HitmanPro

The second step to remove Radamant ransomware is to download and install a second opinion scanner called HitmanPro by Surfright in order to perform a full system scan for malicious files.

1. Download and Install HitmanPro by Surfright.

2. Open HitmanPro and click Next to start scanning your computer. *If you are using the free version you may chose to create a copy or perform a one-time scan.

3. When the HitmanPro scan is complete click the Next button.

4. To activate the free version of HitmanPro: enter your email address twice and click the Activate button.

5. Click the Reboot button.

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