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Publix free $75 off gift coupon

‘Publix free $75 off gift coupon’ scam hits Facebook

Publix free $75 off gift coupon

A Facebook post claims that the American supermarket chain Publix is giving away free $75 coupons to celebrate 100 years of success.

The Facebook post shows an image of the alleged Publix $75 off coupon. The fake coupon says something like “take $75 off any purchase of $80 or more” and contains instructions for use.

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The post is fraudulent and is essentially a scam designed to phish your personal information via online surveys and offer websites.

If you click the Facebook post you will be directed to a phony coupon claim website that contains an image of the Publix logo. The website contains three questions and once you answer them you will be shown fake instructions to obtain the coupon.

fake publix survey

Some of the questions the website asks are if you have ever shopped at Publix, if you have ever worked at Publix, if you have ever shopped at Publix with a friend or family member, and if you are satisfied by the services if Publix.

Once you complete the three questions the website shows instructions to get a free $75 Publix coupon. The top of the page says “Congratulations! You have been selected to take part in our short survey to get a Free $75 Publix Coupon! We only have 232 coupons remaining so hurry up!”

The fraudulent instructions to obtain the gift are to share the page by clicking a share button and type Thanks #Publix in the comment field and click a ‘like’ button on the page.

If you click the like button you will be redirected to a new website, most likely a survey-scam website such as onlinepromotionsusa.com.


The survey-scam website is designed to obtain your personal information such as full name, home address, and email address by promising you free gifts that you will actually never receive. If you provide your personal information it will be used for a variety or purposes by questionable marketing companies and scammers. You can expect to receive unwanted calls at home, text messages, mail, and email messages.

Even if you follow all the steps and provide your information you will not receive a free $75 off coupon or gift card to Publix. You will not receive a prize or reward for completing online surveys or sharing and liking content on Facebook.

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