Pro PC Cleaner (Review)

Pro PC Cleaner

In this Pro PC Cleaner review, I will be covering and discussing the registry cleaning and optimization program called Pro PC Cleaner, developed by Rainmaker Software Group.

Pro PC Cleaner review



  • Pro PC Cleaner is easy to uninstall
  • Pro PC Cleaner is easy to use
  • Pro PC Cleaner is safe and does not bundle with any malware/adware/spyware



First and foremost, you can download Pro PC Cleaner by heading to the web site ( and clicking on the download link at the top. Once the browser has completed the speedy installation, you are able to install it. I admire the fact that Pro PC Cleaner is a rather compact program, and takes a fraction of the time to install and setup compared with many other registry cleaning and optimization programs I have tried over the years.

User Interface

Upon booting up the newly installed Pro PC Cleaner program for the first time, I was presented with a clean and minimalistic user interface, aiding in the shorter time spent learning how to use the program. Kudos to and their development team, as I really do enjoy the aesthetic work that went into the program.


Ok, so now that Pro PC Cleaner is installed, you will have to enter an “activation key” gained from purchasing the program in order to use Pro PC Cleaner to its full capacity, which is the ability to fix registry errors that might have been caught during a free scan. To recap, as a free user, you are unable to utilize the “cleaning and optimization” effects this software was created for; however, the fact that users can download the program for free and run a “scan” to try out their software lets them become familiar with the program and any registry errors that might be present on their PC. Buying the software lets users get all the great registry tools provided in the program for the price of $39.95 USD. The options for various payment types and an assured safe cyber transaction are a few of the additional benefits I enjoyed.

Pro PC Cleaner review


When you boot up Pro PC Cleaner, you are presented with a left side bar that contains various aspects of the PC cleaning to speed up your system and fix antivirus issues that may have compromised your computer. Seen below:

There are colored indicators in the “Scan” tab ranging from green (healthy PC) to red (unhealthy PC). This allow users to visually see a PC health status bar that illustrates the recommended ‘urgency’ level letting you know how badly your PC needs the registry to be fixed. For instance, you should immediately scan your PC if you see the cleaning urgency indicates fair to poor PC health.

Additionally, I like the various options under the “Clean Now” tab on the left sidebar of the Pro PC Cleaner UI. In this tab, the users are able to scan and fix registry errors. What exactly is the Windows Registry, you might ask? It’s an essential database comprised of information which is required of your PC to configure its software, applications, drivers, devices, settings and preferences. Based on this fact, it is fair to assume that maintenance of the registry is vital to keeping your PC functioning properly since the registry data is accessed often. Even the simple process of uninstalling a program, for example, causes your registry to grow more intricate and, in turn, introduces the likelihood of impending errors on your PC. As you might imagine, a nice, fresh installation of Windows operating system on your new PC you bought would have less potential for registry errors, seeing as there are far less programs installed, etc. As such, registry errors on newer computers are not a problem; however, general computer usage over time causes these problems to amass and bog down your PC’s general speed.

The cleaning options in Pro PC Cleaner allow users to scan the following registry components in order to clean them all with the single click of a button:

  • System related issues (issues that affect all users on your PC)
  • Com and ActiveX issues (issues related to COM and AcvtiveX components)
  • User related issues (issues that affect your personal profile)
  • Junk files (free up space by permanently removing deleted and unnecessary files)

How registry problems effect your PC and how to prevent them with Pro PC Cleaner:

These issues cause various problems on PC’s and are a good idea that you scan your registry and fix all these issues on a regular basis. Some easy ways to tell if your PC is showing symptoms of registry errors:

  • Sometimes windows will not boot properly
  • Windows might ‘stall’ or freeze up/lock up
  • Lackluster PC speeds compared to what you were used to when it was newer
  • Slow boot times
  • Error messages
  • Programs occasionally crash and/or display error messages

You can even defrag/restore the registry with Pro PC Cleaner, thereby improving system performance and minimizing the risk for registry errors to persist. It is recommended to clean your registry if you notice your PC demonstrating any of the aforementioned symptoms.

Additional Features

An added bonus, I find, is the “Startup Manager” on the left sidebar of Pro PC Cleaner’s UI. This is a great benefit which enables users to check or uncheck boxes corresponding to various programs and processes that may be starting up automatically when Windows boots up. Some of these processes and programs are necessary, and you may want them to continue starting up when Windows boots up; however, I recommend disabling certain programs that do not look familiar to users. Moreover, Pro PC Cleaner allows for the swift and headache-free options to disable unwanted programs upon Windows boot from slowing down your PC.

Also, the PC optimization tools built into Pro PC Cleaner identify and fix not just registry issues, but corrupted files, memory problems, startup lags, and system issues. Pro PC Cleaner is designed to help speed up your system, and in turn you’ll notice, like I did, that downloads, uploads, streaming and browsing were all fluid and fast like they should be. Additionally, Pro PC Cleaner lets you view duplicate files, error messages, and other associated garbage that’s hampering your PC performance. You can even rid yourself of those useless duplicate files and unnecessary old data that you might not know exists on your PC still.

Finally, Pro PC Cleaner also allows for you to set when it will perform scans so you don’t have to manually do it. It will just perform scans in the background when you tell it to, which is an added bonus in my book.

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  1. michael askey says:

    Do not touch this program. This is a warning from a pc troubleshooter. It is loaded with malware and is very hard to uninstall. Stay clear.

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