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Fake PayPal notification email 864-897-9653

Phishing Email: confirmedpaymentnotifying_customercareservice@gmx.com

Fake PayPal customer-care center / PayPal services email address

The email address confirmedpaymentnotifying_customercareservice@gmx.com is an email address associated with dangerous Craigslist and PayPal scams. The email address confirmedpaymentnotifying_customercareservice@gmx.com is often used by cybercriminals in attempt to appear like a legitimate PayPal service or customer-care center email address. Confirmedpaymentnotifying_customercareservice@gmx.com is not a legitimate PayPal email address and is not associated with legitimate companies such as Craigslist and PayPal.

Criminals behind the confirmedpaymentnotifying_customercareservice@gmx.com email address often attempt to perform Craigslist scams in which they pretend to purchase an item and pay the Craigslist seller via PayPal services. The criminals do not actually purchase the item, but will send fake confirmation emails as if they did using confirmedpaymentnotifying_customercareservice@gmx.com as the support email address.


Some reports indicate that confirmedpaymentnotifying_customercareservice@gmx.com is used as a customer care- center for fake PayPal emails. Some emails often say “please note: for any complains on the transaction contact the paypal customer-care center: confirmedpaymentnotifying_customercareservice@gmx.com.”

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