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Norton Security Scan

How to remove Norton Security Scan (Uninstall Guide)

Norton Security Scan

Norton Security ScanNorton Security Scan is a legitimate program published by Symantec Corporation. Although this program is entirely safe, some users have claimed that it may have bundled with third-party software without their consent. This may be because Norton Security Scan often bundles with third-party freeware distributed by websites such as download.com and softonic.com. In most cases a user will be given the opportunity to accept or decline an offer to install Norton Security Scan and other items; However, some users may accidentally install this program.

Other complaints about Norton Security Scan is that it may download additional files promoting their software, including a file titled Production_Setup.exe that is used to install SymCCIS. This file is safe and can only be initiated manually.

Norton Security Scan by Symantec Corporation is only a scanner used to search through a computer for viruses, malware, spyware, cookies, and other items. It can be used to conduct scheduled automated scans while a computer is idle. This program will not remove any found files. It is used to promote additional Symantec software.

Once installed and opened by the user, the program will begin to perform an update followed by a system scan that should last shorter than 10 minutes. if anything is found a message stating “HIGH RISK – WARNING – Your computer is at risk! The last scan found high risk threats on your computer. A comprehensive Norton security product can be used to remove these threats. We strongly recommend fixing these threats immediately, before data loss or identity theft, or other damage occurs. View Details. – FIX NOW.” If the FIX NOW button is clicked a new browser window will open where a user can chose to purchase Symantec Corporation software.

  Green Arrow Bullet   How to remove Norton Security Scan

  1. Option 1: Manually remove Norton Security Scan – This option details how to manually uninstall Norton Security Scan
  2. Option 2: Norton Security Scan Removal Software & Tools – This option details how to remove Norton Security Scan using the free or full version of CCleaner by Piriform.
  3. For Tech Support Call 1-888-879-0084 and they will kindly assist you with removing this program

1. Manually Remove Norton Security Scan

Use the instructions below to manually uninstall Norton Security Scan from Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

How to uninstall Norton Security Scan

1. Access Windows Start Menu and navigate to the Control Panel (on Windows 8, right click the bottom left corner to access the Windows 8 Start Menu).

Uninstall a program

2. Click Uninstall a program or Add and remove a program.

3. In the list of installed programs search for Norton Security Scan and other potentially unwanted software. Once the adware program is located, double click the unwanted program(s) or highlight them in the list and click the Uninstall button.

2. Norton Security Scan Removal Software & Tools

Use the instructions below to automatically remove Norton Security Scan.

CCleaner by Piriform

CCleaner can be used to automatically repair internet browser settings and uninstall Norton Security Scan and third-party software. To simply uninstall the program please see step 4.

1. Install the free or paid version of CCleaner by Piriform.

Purchase CCleaner for $24.95* Free Download

CCleaner Analyze Cleaner

2. Once installed, open the program and navigate to Cleaner > Windows/Applications and click the Analyze button. Afterwards, click the Run Cleaner button on the bottom right of the program interface.

CCleaner Startup

3. Next, navigate to Tools > Startup and search through each tab starting from windows, internet explorer, etc., all the way to Content Menu, for additional suspicious entries and click Disable and Delete once anything is found.

4. To automatically uninstall Norton Security Scan navigate to the Uninstall tab and search for it in the list of installed programs. Uninstall the software as selected by clicking the Run Uninstaller button.

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  • I am unable to Connect my Norton VPN/ Norton 360. Is it possible that Norton Security Scan is the culprit?

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