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‘Money Carlo’ Match to Win Car Dealership Scam

Don’t get too excited if you receive a “winning” Money Carlo Match to Win voucher in the mail that promotes your local car dealership. The Money Carlo Match to Win game is a marketing scheme utilized by various desperate car dealerships across the United States. The Money Carlo game will claim recipients won a certain amount of cash by peeling game piece tabs and matching objects like oranges, cherries, and 7’s. The Money Carlo game piece will usually arrive in the mail alongside advertisements, promotions, and coupons.

money carlo

The way the Money Carlo “scam” works is that a person will receive the Money Carlo game card and voucher in the mail from a local car dealership. The Money Carlo game card and attached invitation or voucher states that if you match a pair you will win $25,000, $5,000, $2,000, or $100 cash; However, this does not actually mean that you won anything. A simple way to determine if you are potentially being tricked is to know that most/all of the Money Carlo game cards will typically match the numbers 777 – 777. This can sometimes be an alleged $5,000 or $100 cash prize. The Money Carlo game will state that winners must call the car dealership and supply them with a confirmation number, as well as visit the location to compare the confirmation code to the car dealership’s prize board. The game voucher claims that the prize board at your local car dealership will determine if you have won – not the actual game piece that already says that you won.

The game also states that there is a 1:45,000 chance to win but we are unable to find any reports of real Money Carlo winners. We have noticed that car dealerships who utilize this tactic have many bad reviews by frustrated potentially customers who feel duped and lied to.

We spoke with several employees and ex-employees of certain car dealerships online who strongly suggest that this as a scam and deceptive marketing ploy. They described it as a deceptive marketing scheme used to acquire potential customers. The car dealerships that utilize this tactic want you to visit their location and sell you a car. In order to get you to do this you must visit the location with your game piece in hand.

I would not go as far as most people to classify the Money Carlo game as a “full-blown” scam, but I would say that it is a very unethical marketing technique and car dealerships who participate in this marketing scheme should be punished. Telling people that they won a large amount of cash when they did not is dishonest and unethical. It’s a terrible thing to do to people, and these bad car dealerships should be ashamed of themselves. If you receive these types of games in the mail in the future you may want to throw them away before you end up wasting your time visiting a dishonest and greedy car dealership. I also recommend to leave the car dealership a bad review online, on various websites like Yelp and Google, in order to put an end to this type of marketing scheme once and for all.

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  • I just got one and yep , it was 777 for 5,000 , Mathews Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Mount Vernon . So I called the number 1-740-302-0304 and got a lady that said to report to the dealer next Tuesday . The phone number set off red flags , the lady’s voice set off red flags , I have had so many many scammers call me . I had a feeling about this . So I did a search and found this . Yep a scam is in place for next week . Today is 5-8-2021 . After reading this , I might as well not bother . My game card looks just like the one showed here .

      • The monopoly I hit the money bags for 25k and read all asterisks and was legit and I went to claim it at Preston Kia and the owner acted weird and took it from me and typed in my number and he did it all and got rid of it and I asked for it back and spilled his coffee …what’s really going on??

  • Paris auto group, paris tx.
    777 I won a 55″ tv! Whoo hoo! Oh wait, no I didnt.
    Shame, I wont do business with a company that is shady from the start.

  • Considering all of the scams going on today…. was immediately skeptical and did a search… Thank you for having this site!
    Mathews Hyundai
    1793 Marion-Mt. Gilead Rd.
    Marion, OH 43302

    • Yea I thought you could sue a company for false advertisement.people should sue there ass.i really want to sue this car company after I go down there and I didnt win this 25,000.make an example out of these folks

  • I just got one from Hundai dealer in Danbury, CT. Heard of someone else who got a winning card also. Made appointment to go in to dealership even though not interested in buying or leasing or a car maintenance insurance policy.

  • They’re baaaack. Winner of the triple 7’s, 4k TV OMG! So lucky!
    This is packaged as misleading and predatory. I can assume the dealership practices what they spam.

    LaLonde Chrysler Dodge Jeep
    2093 S. Van Dyke
    Imlay City MI

  • Yeah just got one for a place in Salem NH. Was curious because my luck could be described as being between non-existent and ‘How is that even possible’.
    But a handful of rereads reveal that the 777 matches have a (**) next to them while the statement ” if you have a matching pair head to blah blah blah” but this has a (*) next to it. meaning everyone would read the (**) text which in short is you win text. while ignoring the (*) text which reads you have a chance to win text… which the company will claim overwrites the (**) text. shame too, I kinda wanted the new TV. Bastards.

  • I got one of those cards also (Money Carlo) and it shows that I have matching 777 and won $5000.00 and that I must show up at the dealership to claim it:
    Hornbeck Chevrolet
    400 Main Main Street
    Forest City, PA 18421
    Don’t fall for it it’s a scam

  • Route 66 Nissan in Tulsa, OK just sent these out today. At this point if you really fall for any of these scams, you’re just plain stupid. They come around so often.

  • This is going on for Santa Maria Nissan in California. Thanks to this site. I will not waste my time with them … ever.

    • I just got a “winning” game piece from this same location. Glad I looked further into this scam first.

  • Adams of Fallston Md. Scratched 777 for 60″ tv., curious called said the confirmation number was a winner. Set an appt up but on second thought decided to look for fine print. The odds are 1:20,000 and does not really say you have won even though it is implied on the front. I discovered this site to more or less confirm my suspension that this was a marketing ploy and a waste of time.

    • Add me to the 777, 60” tv club.
      National Auto Liquidators
      4020 S. Pine Ave
      Ocala, FL 34480
      When’s the club meeting?

    • Same here. I am going to stop by just to see what they have to say about this scam. Why would I ever want to buy a car from someone that starts talking in lies and misleading tactics.

  • I cxld my appointment after I read the 149 complaints I called the dealership after transferring me 3 times to supposed manager he told me that the consolation prize was a $100 card to restaurant discount. Thank u Sean Doyle This was so helpful to a senior citizen

  • I got one from Palmer Hyundai in mobile. It said the least u could win is $100. I have an appt tomorrow at noon. I’m supposed to win a 60 inch tv. I am 70 yrs old and told some friends now after reading all these I feel like an old fool if I get at least the $100 that would buy me gas as I have to travel about 100 miles each way to the dealership

  • Gray Chevrolet in Stroudsburg, PA, just sent the Money Carlo game, like you said. Matched the 7’s, like you said. Not getting duped by them.

  • Hi Lo Auto Sales in Frederick, MD just sent us one.

    It is like the Bizarro marketing scheme, it does the opposite of what was intended. I am now taking them off the list of dealerships that I would shop at.

    Sleazy car dealer is sleazy.

    • Same. Just got one with 777-777 that says I won $5,000. Unfortunately someone in this household is already financing a car from them, lol. Maybe I’ll send him there to try and claim it.

  • Add Davis Hyundai in Ewing, NJ to this list.

    They’ll send out these flyers whenever business is slow for the month. It’s a scam, pure and simple. Nobody wins. The Walmart gift cards aren’t even gift cards; they’re vouchers that need to be mailed in to receive a gift card.

  • Wholesale Auto in Midland, Michigan. Just got this Money Carlo in the mail and matching 7s like photos above show!! Ridiculous! Why waste paper?!

    • I got the exact same 777s the card printing looks exactly the same as the photos on this website from wherever those people are. These are all printed the same way with the fake winner on the second pull tabs. Throw this bs out.

    • Add Rich Morton Mazda, 51 Mountain Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122. This is the second winning card in 3 months and I know I got a third. Says I won $750 and only 23 in 1,000,000 ever win. Last car said I one 3 different prizes. This game is called The King of Cars.

  • Thanks I always avoid this things till I let my son open the game he was happy that he won I would assume is a scam but he will not believe me so I had to Google so he would know the truth about dealers and scams, he was very upset to find out it was a scam.

    • Ha! – well so is the prize.

      Add Country Auto Group to the list Warrenton ,VA
      Too bad, I was thinking about legitimately purchasing a new truck from this dealer before getting this crap that exemplifies their credibility- now I will intentionally go elsewhere.

  • auto outlet of Bensalem, pa sent one in the mail today and event ends tomorrow. yeah, I got the 777 match for a 55″ 4k tv. I called and set up an appointment for tomorrow morning, the last day. no wonder the lady sounded kinda surprised when I said I would come. well, after reading these comments, I am going to go be a no show, no call…and I have blocked their number, too. let ’em sue me! LOL

  • Money Carlo Match to Win! All 777-777 Match win for Me Ya Hoo! Just like the car keys that often come in the mail that say “Just stop by, If the key Starts the Car YOU WIN the Car!!” Ya, Awful when your a little down and are hoping for a pick me up. This is not a ticket to any one having a better day. SCAM!!! ONLY!

  • Just got one in the mail today. It had triple 7’s. The only thing I really see changing is the phone number and address becomes your local used car dealership. So I the $5,000 cash (but not really) and on the other side is a voucher for $3,000 down payment. We are constantly sent junk mail for used car dealerships. Some of these are printed to make them appear like they are handwritten—which they are not because you can tell. Some of them have no return address. Some of them are demanding that my car needs service. I’ve googled those and found out that people are getting phone calls to get oil changes for cars they no longer own. It’s really an invasion of privacy in the first place that dealerships you have never spoken to alrready know the make and model of your car.

  • I got one of these things today and super excited, but also very skeptical. After reading a few articles, it doesn’t even seem worth the bother. Whatever happened to having faith in your product? Or selling a good product at a fair price with good service?? Then customers come without the gimmicks.

  • Interesting thing is the one I got has no such disclaimer or fine print. There is fine print but it just says you have won $5000. Come collect…. I have read a few of these online articles and posts about this being a scam. But they all mention this disclaimer that mine does not mention. it does have disclaimer for the larger prize that reveals the “trick” but the disclaimer for the 5k prize does not say anything except that “this is for $5000, no catch” essentially.

    Now i don’t plan on wasting my time pursuing it because I know they aren’t going to just give me 5 grand. But I wonder if a good lawyer could force them to pay.

    • On the reverse side of mine they have a disclaimer. But the disclaimer is for the voucher they sent me for $3,000 off the down payment of a used car. Then you keep reading and it seems to indicate because I have triple 7’s, regardless of what the front of the flier says I won, that I am actually only now qualified to enter to win the contest, which presumably I would have to call them. So in other words, they are changing the rules as they go along. Then it says that there need to purchase or donate anything in order to win. Well who the f*&^% donates money to a used car dealership to enter a sweepstakes? But then it goes on to say something about how since I didn’t win the $25,000 that I can claim a consolation prize of a vacation package worth $1,000. It sounds like someone has a time share they are keeping just in case someone wants to test their honesty. Heck if one is very bored, one might just go to the local dealership and waste their time just to return the favor of course….uh….use your drinking name of course.

  • Just can’t believe people are really that stupid to think they have the winning prize when they read this. It clearly states match those numbers = win!! Doesn’t say that prize next to it. Doesn’t say =win!! A blank. Read the dam board. And if you didn’t win or there was no prize you didn’t put money into it in the first place. What a bunch of cry babies people are.

  • Just got a Pokecash scratch game from a Chrysler dealer in Princeton, NJ. My son thought we won a 65″ 4K TV. I want to punch the joker who owns this place in the face for what he did to my son.

    May be not! My son got a very valuable lesson when he’s still young. Might be useful when he grows up!

  • Bale Chevrolet in Little Rock is currently running a similar scam. “The King of Cars Cash Game” I won a MS Surface Studio computer…lol!

    • Lol, I got the same thing too, for the same dealer too. Where’s my Surface Studio, huh? I’ll still go to see whatever they’ll give me.

        • Will do tomorrow. I called them yesterday. Supposedly they have their own list of codes, and if your actual code matches the real codes, they’ll actually give the prize away (so they say) but if you don’t win, they’ll give away a gift card of 25 dollars. Will do tomorrow if the weather’s nice.

            • Well, I am back. They asked a couple questions and such about my credit score, current cars, other info, job information, blah blah blah. After that, they tried matching my code to their list of codes. Not a match (as suspected, completely off, mine had 7 digits, theirs had 8). So now the big part for what I was waiting for was the extra prize. So they gave me a 25 dollar gift card to a website called ShoppingDough (which is complete garbage as many gifts there are over 25 dollars) and a lottery ticket that isn’t even redeemable anywhere else but the dealer (didn’t win either). So I advise to stay away from here. Unless you want cheapo sunglasses or a 13 dollar stylus (which I’m actually gonna get because I don’t care, it’s free).

                • You’re welcome. I am never going back to Bale Chevrolet if they’re that idiotic to think this will get people to buy their cars. Also saw some others there getting scammed too.

              • Yep. Bait and switch. They changed the rules on you. They don’t need all that info to allow you to win a car. They started the paperwork because psychological studies show the more times they can get you to agree with them—the more likely you are to agree to the whole sale. Kudos to you for not buying it!

  • Lee Nissan in fort walton beach florida is doing it too. Matched all 7’s. Says I won a jet ski. Yeah right. Hahaha

    • Yes! My father received this earlier in the week. Grant it, I understand it’s a marketing ploy, but now reading this article makes me totally annoyed with the dealership for duping people!

      • Yup, JimColemanHonda.com sent me one, too. I “won” with triple 7s. Did yours also happen to arrive “late”? I think that is another part of the scheme. Anyone think about a class action lawsuit? Or small claims against these dealerships?

        • Am thinking the same re legal route. Mine has no disclaimer or fine print except one that reiterates that you DID win $5000. There is a disclaimer for the larger amount that it’s only a CHANCE to win 25k by matching the code.

        • I am going to send a certified mail return receipt demand letter. I don’t expect much but I used to work at a law firm and used this technique to beat small business scams and schemes all the time.

        • Omg where is law to protect middle class suckers omg I forgot no more middle class go donald trump please.

  • Towne Center Nissan in Kennesaw Georgia is running the scam this weekend. Of course we have a winning card. Winning is never assured. What is assured is Towne Center Nissan will never get my business.

  • I won a 60 inch screen tv on the Jimmy Granger Monte Carlo game in Shreveport. I called the dealership and they told me that I have to match the winning number at the dealership. This is just not right. This is like being told you won the lottery on the scratch off ticket but you have to go to the main office to match another set of numbers. My ticket said that I won that tv. There were no small print. It said to claim prize at the dealership. Bogus

  • Team Mazda Subaru in Caldwell, Idaho sent out the same Money Carlo game mailer, with a winning 777-777 match, of course. I’m glad I read here that it is a scam, it saved me a drive over from Boise/Meridian.

    • I just got one from them with playing cards. Grand prize is $25000 if you match three Kings in a row. Which of course I did.

      • Same. Three Jacks… I love the “if you are not a winner, please feel free to come in to take advantage of our other exclusive offers.” Yeah I don’t think so.

  • A sad state of the auto sales industry. Spirit Dodge and Chrysler Jeep is also amongst the frauds. Located in Swedes boro, Nj. I hope they don’t sell a single car during the “game” scam time. This will hurt these dealerships in the long haul. Do they not see this? Maybe if they sold more reliable cars like Honda’s or Toyota’s they’d be less desperate and fraudulent. Shame on you Spirit Dodge of South Jersey.

  • The car dealer below just sent my mother in law and I one those
    “Money Carlo” game scams each in the mail yesterday.

    County Ford
    105 Auto Park Dr.
    Graham, NC. 27253

    We both got matching 777 on our cards which says we each won a 50″ 4K Ultra TV.

    I did an internet search about this game to find out more about it and quickly saw its a dirty SCAM they’re pulling on EVERYONE!

    These scammers should be shut down.

    • I also have a winning card for the TV at County Ford in Graham NC. The dealership has been giving me the run around and the company the dealership contracted to schedule the appointment to receive the prize said she wasn’t going to admit that it was a scam when I called her on it. Should have known it was too good to be true! Oh well, it gave my 6 year old a moment of excitement thinking we had won a new TV!

  • Yes, add me to the list with three sevens from Sullivan Brothers. Since it looked so straight forward as stated on the game card; “if you have a matching pair you win!”, I called the winners line to enter my confirmation code. The computer voice knew my name evidently by looking up my phone number, then they hit me with several personal questions such as how much money I make. I did not complete the survey but within 15 minutes I received a call from someone telling me that since I stayed at one of their resorts recently (a lie), that I won a free trip to Disney! I declined their generous offer and hung up before they could continue their non stop sales pitch. Uhhgg…

  • I too got it, got the 777, and was skeptical. I called the dealership and the receptionist sounded elusive! I felt it could be a scam and googled it! Sure enough, this site confirmed it, and I am so grateful. This sounds like a Trump-ean tactic.

    No Bueno, Money Carlo!

  • What is really shady is that they used hyphens (-) instead of the normal asterisks (*) to lead you (or rather not lead you) to the fine print.

    “If you have a matching pair, you win!-”

    That little hyphen doesn’t look like anything. If there was an asterisk, it would make you want to search for the other asterisk with the rest of the information. The mailer was folded so tightly, I didn’t even realize the inside had all the fine print.

    Jeff Wyler Chevrolet of Columbus, Ohio

  • Hi Sean,

    What you may not realize is that I believe that once you go in to the dealership – they flag you and then sell your information to marketing companies who then start flooding your email address. So, even if you don’t buy a car from them once they get you there, they still make money from you by selling your information to others. I have no proof, this is just my opinion based on my experiance.

  • Yup, Sullivan Brothers Toyota, Kingston MA sent me one of these…you guessed it all sevens for a 5k “cash” prize.

  • Going on in milwaukee,

    Griffin’s Hub Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram.
    5700 S. 27th Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53221

    I can’t believe this is legal…everything about this screams lawsuit. I’d hold on to these mailers.

  • Peruzzi Mitsubishi of Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania sent me one on 10-3-16 Guess what I also got the 777 from the scum bag carpet baggers.

  • Yup, Sullivan Bros. Nissan in Kingston MA sent me one, and like so many of you here, I also won 5k via the matched 7s. What the hell? I was about to go down there tomorrow to see what was up because I was still skeptical yet curious. The fine print was fairly straightforward about winning and conveniently didn’t mention anything about a separate number board located in the dealership. Seeing here that a bunch of you got the same exact card with the same exact outcome, well these scummy dealerships like Sullivan Brothers can go eat a di&ck! Sending these cards out without at least putting the truth into the fine print should not be allowed by law.

  • Sullivan Brothers Nissan in Kingston did this to me. Got the 777s for $5K. The “odds” are obviously a lie & they should be held accountable for this kind of fraud. It says to see ShoppingDough.com for “other restrictions” but that website says it is “under maintenance”.

  • why do they think we’d want their sh#t after being at least slightly devastated. i dont trust any thing or one but i guess the upside drew me in too. hopefully these guys trick the wrong people someday 😉 they probably even could’ve just given out free food or a miniscule gift card as incentive and not make 1,000s of people hate their sniveling sorry asses.

  • I too won on the lucky 777-777’s for $5,000 today…….I thought it was a scam originally, but when I read the fine print it seemed valid (although, still a little skeptical!!) I was on my way to Gray Chevrolet Stroudsburg, PA but figured I would google “Money Carlo.” What a joke and terrible way to do business. Thanks for all the feedback.

  • Griffin’s Hub Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram.
    5700 S. 27th Street
    Milwaukee, WI 53221

    They mailed this scam to me. Dreams often to unfulfilled. I certainly won’t be purchasing my next Jeep from these guys.

  • Dewey Barber Chevrolet. 90 barber Blvd, Birmingham, al 35071. I got 777 777 to apparently I won 5,000.00$. Glad I found this thread, saved me a trip! Darn barely legal scam…

  • Jimmy Cleveland Nissan in Wichita Falls, just mailed these out. Matched the 777-777, and no matter how careful you read it and the fine print, it makes you think you won a big prize. In our case odds 1:80,000. Thanks but no thanks Jimmy Cleveland. I will show Herb Easley or Pattersons instead.

  • Thanks for the heads up.
    Matched 777 on money Carlo card from Solon Pre-Owned Off-SiteTent Sale of the Century, Walmart, Fountain, CO. Maybe 1:60,000 odds.
    Don’t think so…..

  • You can add Roger Beasley Hyundai of New Braunfels to the list of scammers. Thanks so much for this post. I assumed it was a scam, and of course it was!

    • Dumb ass people who cannot spell to save their lives fall for these scams. People who spell “walla” instead of “voila” or people who say “Grant it” instead of “Granted”. There are so many illiterates sucking up oxygen out in the world it is no wonder why companies such as these think they can get away with decieving the public. Look at the damn cards.. The money amounts only say =win. The money amounts are in a different block. Pay attention.

  • Looks like I’ve got 5 grand coming my way from Steve Coury Automotive in Globe, AZ. My winning match looks just like the one in the article. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Me too, and so did my neighbor – exact same winning numbers, same cash value. When you call in, they want your name and address, and household income. I thought about it, until I found out my neighbors had the exact same card – only difference was his name was not on his, mine was.

  • I am lucky ,,,I won $50,000 from Fiesta Nissan , 2005 Saint Michaels Dr.
    Santa Fe NM 87505…..Buy I don’t think it’s a real prize………

  • A bunch of people should get a load of these together and all go to the booth / dealership at the same time saying that they’ve won. ?

  • That’s pretty funny, the card in this pic is identical to the card I receive in the mail (same “matches”); I bet they all look the same, with the 777-777 as #2!!

    • I actually went down to the dealership and when he said “oh your number doesnt match the $5000 prize but actually the $25 gift card” i replied “do even though i have the 3 7’s matching i didnt win”

      he actually said to me, “yeah pretty much everyone gets the 777’s, it needs to match the the table number”

  • I called to confirm winning and received a recording asking household income, trade warranty, how soon am I ready to purchase. Never did it state “congrats” you are a winner! Then I called the dealership and a salesman stated confirmation code had to match their dealership board. ( He stated not a $5000 winner yet) Gimmick to get you In to dealership. If right from the get they are deceiving why trust them during a sale!

  • Money Carlo in Minnesota promises big bucks but “winners” end up as “losers”! Shame on you Forest Lake Auto Group for employing this scam 🙁

  • Jimmy Granger Used Car Superstore in Shreveport Louisiana is saying I won an 80 inch flat screen. Lol.

  • I got the 5000 matching 7’s from Jem Auto in Anoka MN. I knew it was too good too be true but what a rotten thing to do to get someone in the door. It should not be legal.

      • I am really disappointed that the Anoka County Fairgrounds allowed JEM Auto to use our nice county fairgrounds in Anoka, Minnesota. They allowed JEM Auto to blatantly conduct this dishonorable scheme to deceive good people into thinking they have won $5,000 with the matching 777’s on the Money Carlo game piece. But when you have to go there you will only be denied your cash winnings because those numbers are not the supposed real winning numbers which are different in their possession there for you to win the $5,000 cash is what they will tell you. Shame on you JEM Auto for this cruel unscrupulous scheme of making good people think they have won $5,000 cash but denying them that just to get as many people as possible to this location only for these deceiving sales people attempt to sell you a car during this short 3 day sale. The saying “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” definitely holds true in this case for these crummy JEM Auto sales people!

        • Where is the State of Minnesota Attorney General?

          The citizens of the great state of Minnesota deserve to have their hard-earned money that goes to paying taxes for their Minnesota Attorney General get their money’s worth by having this shady business JEM Auto Sales in Anoka, MN investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Hopefully, they will be fined heavily for deceiving all the good people of Minnesota that they sent those fraudulent Money Carlo game cards to!

  • Rich Morton Mazda in Pasadena,MD has Money Carlo 777 match for $5,000. Look at the – or — next to the word “cash” and “win!”. Read the fine print associated with the – and –. You haven’t really won.

  • Thanks all…it sure is false advertising to me! I showed to have won 1000, and I called. Basically the young lady stated that she was just the person to set the appointment up. She was very reluctant to go into details. When I asked if there was someone else that can explain to me in detail further, she was no help. She’s just doing her job, but they should stop this mess…I received mine from Casey Chevrolet in Newport News, Va. I was going to go, but again, thanks to technology……

    • I just got one from them to glad I googled and didn’t waste my time they told me I couldn’t come in today I had to wait until tomorrow

  • thanks for the concern, i just receive mine today match 777 claiming to win $ 7000, but i decide to google it and discover it was a mess.

  • Thank you so much! I thought it was bs but when I read the fine print it actually seemed legit, but alas this page cleared that all up Thanks Again!

  • We went in just for the hell of it for a $500 prize… knowing it was probably BS. They gave us a $5 Walmart gift card for our time & told us our # didn’t match their board lol Scammers

  • Thanks for the information! I too am a winner of $ 5000. according to my card! I decided to check on line before going out there and walla— I found all of you who are also winners of the $5000. I did try calling them as directed and roto voice took my number and then wanted me to answer some questions. Half way through the questions I was either cut off or hung up on not sure which. I am just curious as to how they get away with it. I checked every angle I could think of and I could find nothing in small print to say that you “might” be the winner! It was “you have won “! Oh Well, Thanks for advice. Easy come, easy go!

  • Yup! Kearns uses all kinds of gimmicks to lure in customers! Big TV, trips, cash for test driving. Go there once & revisit 3 months later you won’t recognize anyone! I had a simple oil change once & they cut off parts of my car & said it needs to be fixed. I found those pieces in a near by garbage in plain sight!

  • Thanks to Google and all of you, I don’t have to waste my time on my bogus win of $5,000 from Kearns Motor Cars in Johnson Creek, Wi. and Jefferson, WI.

    • Since I ‘won’ today, the fact that you also ‘won’ the $5000 from Kearns Motor Cars in Johnson Creek, WI and Jefferson, WI, in this round of advertisements would serve to confirm the idea that it is bogus. If a business has to trick you to get you in the door they are not a place you want to deal with.

    • I “won” from Kearns Motor Cars in Johnson Creek, Wi . too! Glad I found this. I hope that Kearns Motor Cars in Johnson Creek, Wi , Money Carlo, and scam come up in a google search for Kearns Motor Cars in Johnson Creek, Wi

      • Ugh, I “won” also for Kearns Motor Cars in Johnson Creek, WI. I was looking forward to the $5,000 payout.

  • Okay but what happens when you take the card in? Do they literally tell you that it isn’t a winner even though it shows that it is? Every report I have read doesn’t go into details about why they don’t pay up. I get that it is a tactic to bring people into their lots, but I would assume pissing people off by saying they won and not giving the prize out would cause more bad publicity than they would want.

  • Money Carlo is a scam . Just throw that junk mail in the trash . You will not win anything , they just want you to come in to sell you a car.

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