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Momo – AI Photo Generator: An In-Depth Review

Another Transformative AI Photo Generator App

In the vast expanse of digital storefronts like the App Store and Google Play, AI photo generator apps proliferate, each vying for attention through social media advertisements. They showcase before-and-after images, where a standard selfie undergoes a remarkable metamorphosis into a polished portrait, often adorned in professional attire against a sophisticated backdrop. These apps, while entertaining, sometimes conceal their true costs behind misleading ads and convoluted pricing structures, leaving users wary of their intentions and expenditures.

Momo – AI Photo Generator ad

When I saw the allure of these transformative images, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the Momo – AI Photo Generator advertisement on TikTok. Its portrayal of an everyday individual transformed into a captivating public speaker, standing confidently behind a grand podium, ignited my curiosity and urged me to look deeper. So, I downloaded the Momo – AI Photo Generator app on Google Play, eager to witness and review its capabilities firsthand. But before going into my full Momo – AI Photo Generator review, let’s go over how it works and what you can expect to see if you use it, and most importantly, whether it is safe to use.

How Momo – AI Photo Generator Works

To engage with Momo – AI Photo Generator by ScaleUp, users are required to procure a subscription utilizing an in-app “coin” monetization system. Initiating the process necessitates the creation of an AI profile, comprising eight facial images sourced from the user’s device, gender selection, name assignment, and the acquisition of model image packs through coins, purchasable with real currency. Each profile creation or alteration demands an expenditure of 120 coins, translating to varying monetary values.


  • $6.99 weekly subscription
  • $3.99 – 60 coins
  • $4.99 – 120 coins
  • $6.99 – 240 coins
  • AI Profile – 120 coins
  • AI-Generated Photo Packs – 60 coins

Photo Packs

With a diverse array of AI-generated photo packs available, ranging from professional settings like “Linkedin” and “Speaker” to whimsical themes such as tattoos and retro fashion, Momo – AI Photo Generator offers ample customization options. Each pack, priced at 6 coins, yields six meticulously crafted AI-generated photos, promising a swift 10-minute turnaround.

Is Momo – AI Photo Generator Safe?

The marketing tactics employed by Momo – AI Photo Generator may lead some to question its legitimacy. The initial steps of installing the app, taking photos, and selecting images for transformation, only to encounter paywalls obstructing further progress, evoke feelings of concern and suspicion. Frankly, it feels somewhat discourteous and underhanded.

Furthermore, delving into the app’s privacy policy reveals a disconcerting reality. Momo – AI Photo Generator asserts its right to access a plethora of user data, encompassing device details, IP addresses, and the very photos users upload. While the policy vaguely mentions using this data for “a variety of business purposes,” including marketing, it lacks transparency. This ambiguity leaves users uneasy about the true intentions behind data collection and the extent of its exploitation. In the face of such uncertainty, users grapple with the decision of whether to engage with Momo – AI Photo Generator, weighing the potential benefits against the risks.


  • Effective functionality
  • Diverse range of AI-generated photo packs
  • Option for multiple AI profiles


  • Privacy implications
  • Cost structure
  • Time-consuming generation process

Final Verdict: Should You Use Momo – AI Photo Generator?

Momo – AI Photo Generator certainly offers a range of possibilities for enhancing the photos you provide it with. While its transformative capabilities can yield impressive results, there’s also the potential for misfires that drastically alter your appearance to historical levels. It’s a mixed bag, with some outputs being notably good while others may miss the mark.

Before fully embracing Momo – AI Photo Generator, it’s important for users to recognize its limitations and potential pitfalls. While it can be a fun and useful tool, especially for those seeking to experiment with their visual identity or create standout imagery for social media, users should proceed with caution. The app’s occasional missteps serve as a reminder that AI-generated content isn’t always foolproof and may not consistently deliver the desired outcome, which could be a concern for users, especially considering the price involved.

Considering these factors, users may find that Momo – AI Photo Generator offers value for certain applications, but it’s not without its drawbacks. It’s essential to approach it with realistic expectations and an understanding of the inherent uncertainties associated with AI-driven image manipulation. With careful consideration and judicious use, Momo – AI Photo Generator can be a valuable addition to your creative toolkit.

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