Marlboro isn’t giving away 5 free cigarette cartons

A scam circulating on Facebook claims that you can “get 5 free Marlboro cigarette cartons to celebrate their 100th Anniversary.” The scam takes control of Facebook accounts, sends messages to friends, and publishes posts on the users behalf. The scam will also direct victims to a survey-scam website designed to phish manually submitted user information.

Get 5 Free MARLBORO cigarette cartons to celebrate 100th Anniversary

Is Marlboro giving away 5 free cigarette cartons?

No, Marlboro is not giving away 5 free cigarette cartons to celebrate their 100th Anniversary. For starters, Philip Morris launched the Marlboro brand in 1924, which would make Marlboro 92 years old. This is a long-lasting scam that has been around for many years. The hoax will slightly change overtime, for example, one hoax claimed that you could get 2 Free Marlboro cigarette cartons to celebrate 110th Birthday.

You will not get 5 free Marlboro cigarette cartons to celebrate their 100th Anniversary if you complete surveys or follow any other type of instructions you find online. Do not hand-over your personal information to any source that claims you can get 5 free Marlboro cigarette cartons by completing any type of instructions.

This scam is dangerous

This scam is dangerous because it is a phishing scam that has the capabilities to take control of your Facebook account to publish posts and message your friends on your behalf. The phishing scam employs useless surveys to gather manually submitted user information, including your name, home address, telephone number, and email address. The information it collects about you is primarily used for a variety of marketing purposes. The information will likely be distributed to a variety of third-parties.

Get 5 Free MARLBORO cigarette cartons survey

If you submit your information to these surveys you can expect unwanted email spam, junk mail at home, and telephone calls from telemarketers, robocallers, and scammers.

Furthermore, the survey websites associated with this scam contain malicious web scripts that will attack your Facebook account in order to take control of it and post content and send messages on your behalf. The posts that will be published usually promote similar scams.

  • Gathers your personal information through surveys
  • Can hijack your Facebook account, send messages to your friends, and publish posts on your behalf

If you visit the website it is recommended to change your Facebook password and uninstall apps you do not recognize afterwards. To change your Facebook password log into your Facebook account and go to Settings. To locate and remove any rogue apps that may have been installed log into your Facebook account, go to Settings, click Apps, and search for any rogue apps. To remove a rogue app click the X.

Post example

Once the scam has control of a Facebook account it will send messages and publish posts on the user’s behalf. The messages and posts usually promote the initial scam. This is how the scam circulates on the social network.

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