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Malware And Phishing Scam Alert For Telephone Number 1-888-666-6459

Who is telephone number 1-888-666-6459?

Telephone number 1-888-666-6459 (18886666459) belongs to a fraudulent organization that poses as Microsoft employees and/or technicians based out of California and engage in social engineering in order to target and trick (scam) unsuspecting victims to believe their computer system is infected with malware, in order to gain remote access to the compute system and charge unsuspecting victims with fees for removing non-existent malware.

Though the individuals behind telephone number 1-888-666-6459 claim to be located in California, every employee speaks with a thick foreign accent, and other occurrences suggest otherwise.

Upon calling and speaking to individuals behind telephone number 1-888-666-6459, it has been concluded that the business is a scam.

1-888-666-6459 may or may not be associated to any domain name and may generate advertisements via third-party adware platforms.

Is  1 (888) 666-6459 safe?

  • 1-888-666-6459 is not safe for reasons concerning severe forms of cyber scams relating to identity theft, credit theft, and extortion.
  • 1 (888) 666-6459 attempts to appear as legitimate Microsoft employees or third-party technicians. 1 (888) 666-6459 is not associated with Microsoft, nor are their services beneficial.
  • 1 (888) 666-6459 targets unsuspecting victims, often the elderly in order to trick victims to purchase their services, gain remote access to the computer system, and collect sensitive information.

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  • These guys called me yesterday and tried to get me to give them access to my computer. They said from Micorosoft but I own a Mac

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