Lululemon is not looking for brand ambassadors with 150 followers

Lululemon 2019 recruitment scam

An Instagram scam claims that Canadian athletic apparel retailer Lululemon is looking for 150 brand ambassadors who have a minimum of 150 followers.

A fake Lululemon Instagram page has posted an image that claims Lululemon is looking for 150 brand ambassadors who have a minimum of 150 followers, follow their Instagram page (@lulurecritment), and repost the picture they posted on their Instagram stories and tag them.

Lululemon recruitment instagram page

A lot of people have been reposting the photo in hopes of becoming a brand ambassador for Lululemon next year.

The fake Lululemon Instagram page titled “Lulurecruitment” is currently followed by over 300,000 people.

Lululemon twitter response

Lululemon has confirmed that the promotion is fake and that the account is not associated with them.

Here’s a transcript of what is written in the image posted by the fake Lululemon Instagram account:

Lululemon 2019 Recruitment

We are looking for 150 ambassadors for our upcoming clothing season.

You will receive free shipments of Lululemon clothing and accessories monthly.



A minimum of 150 followers

Follow @lulurecruitment

Repost this picture on your Instagram story and tag us


What you’ll get:

Free Lulu clothing and other products

First access to newly released clothing

Monthly gift cards and discounts for family


You will be DM’ed if you have been selected

Selection date is 12.31.18

This scam is similar to a Facebook-like farming scam that promises a free product in exchange for Facebook likes, except this scam promises a free online job with perks. The purpose of the scam, like a Facebook-like farming scam, is to obtain followers for the fake Instagram page.

The name of the Instagram page which currently has over 300,000 followers can then be modified and used for unknown purposes. The follower amount will make it legitimate or popular in the future.

Although many people take this Instagram scam lightly, the Instagram account has the potential to become malicious in the future. It may bolster other more serious scams including scams associated with advanced fee-fraud which is a common issue with Facebook scams of similar nature. The account may also DM Instagram followers who were duped by the scam in order to obtain sensitive information about them.

The best thing you can do is not share the recruitment picture, do not follow the fake Lululemon Instagram account, inform friends who fell for the scam that it’s not legitimate, and report the fake Lululemon Instagram account.

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