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legend of mushroom codes

Legend of Mushroom codes

Redeem these new Legend of Mushroom codes for lamps, coupons, and keys so you can defeat the infinite of hordes of enemies in your path.

Legend of Mushroom codes can provide you with a wealth of free in-game gifts including skill coupons, pal coupons, lamps, diamonds, magic lamp keys, diamond keys, guardian keys, chrono keys, and even free pals. The list goes on forever but I’ll stop there.

Do you need an extra boost to help your mushroom and pals plunder through stages and bosses in Legend of Mushroom? Check out these Legend of Mushroom codes to get as much free rewards as you can! Legend of Mushroom is an idle RPG game where you chaotically battle against waves of enemies as a little mushroom.

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Legend of Mushroom codes

Here is every Legend of Mushroom code:

  • hlwJtg
  • UFAYeD
  • 1XutPJ
  • LOM1777
  • LOM7777
  • LOM2024

Click the button above to download a text file containing a list of every Legend of Mushroom code.

This is a list of every Legend of Mushroom since the game’s global release by Joy Nice Games on March 5, 2024. Some codes have a short expiration duration while others may still be active. This list is in order. The newest Legend of Mushroom codes are at the top.

How to redeem Legend of Mushroom Codes:

  1. Open Legend of Mushroom
  2. Tap on the Avatar on the top left corner
  3. Tap on the Avatar in the menu
  4. Tap Redeem Code
  5. Enter the Code
  6. Tap Exchange

Keep in mind that codes may expire and are case-sensitive.

How to get Legend of Mushroom codes

These codes are typically provided to celebrate updates, evets, and holidays. They are posted on social media, found in advertisements, and other places.

If you’re looking for new gift codes on a regular basis, there are a few reliable sources:

  1. Bookmark this webpage. We will keep this list updated with new Legend of Mushroom codes as soon as they are available so make sure to bookmark this webpage or routinely checking back.
  2. Join the official Legend of Mushroom Discord server. There is a channel dedicated to gift codes. There is no invite link currently available, but you can access the Discord server by going to Avatar > Gift Center > Visit Discord.

legend of mushroom code

In addition, we noticed that the Legend of Mushroom Facebook page did not provide new codes in posts but did provide codes in Facebook advertisements.

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