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Another scam – You won’t win a TV if you search “IPX256GPM” in Google

A recent survey and advanced payment scams instructs you to search for “IPX256GPM” or IPX256GWM in Google in order to win a 65 inch Samsung Smart TV. In reality, if you search IPX256GPM or IPX256GWM and visit the first link in Google search results pages you will be directed to a website that contains dubious content on how to allegedly obtain the Samsung TV. The title for the deceptive and malicious article is “How the Australians Are Getting the Brand New 65″ Samsung Smart TV for only 1$.”


This scam has been around for a few weeks and there are now 2 forms of it. The first scam instructed you to search for IPX256GWM and now this current scam instructs you to search for IPX256GPM. Scammers basically replaced the W with a P. However, the content and website used to scam people is exactly the same (shown below).

Hi Everyone! 😀 A few d·a·y·s ago there was an advertisement on T·V where you could win a FREE 65′ Samsung Smart T·V when you open a free STAN account!, just you need to answer 4 questions correctly! 🙂

It turned out that all you need to do is simply enter the code “IPX256GPM” in Google and click on the first link in the results, , read this article to learn more. It’s very easy! 🙂 Yesterday, a courier brought me a package which contained the new Samsung Smart TV! Better hurry up, as the promotion ends on 29 August! 🙂

Instructions on the web page say to visit a promotional page, enter your email address, and pay $1. The promotional page is really just a survey website designed to phish your personal information and direct you to a third-party media-related site. The survey starts by asking you information about your age, if you have ever owned a Samsung Smart TV before, if you knew that STAN has hundreds of movies and TV shows, and then says to open a free STAN account by following their links and creating an account on a third-party scam site such as bonxmedia.com.

STAN survey

In reality, you will not receive a free Samsung Smart TV if you answer surveys online, pay $1, or supply such sites with your email address and personal information. This is a scam simply designed to phish your personal information and obtain an advanced payment for an item you will not receive. This is known as advanced payment fraud; a common online scam.

If you made an advanced payment in hopes to receive a free Samsung Smart TV it is recommended to contact your bank or credit card institution to dispute the charge and take other security precautions. Inform your bank or credit card company what happened for more information on how to keep your accounts secure from future threats.

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