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You can now increase the color contrast on Twitter

Increasing the color contrast on Twitter is a feature that changes the way we see the color of buttons and text like hashtags and hyperlinks or to some, a secret trick that allows you to customize Twitter. When you change the color contrast on Twitter buttons and related text become a softer color than they were before and this can be beneficial for many people.

color contrast soft pastel twitter

The color of buttons, hashtags, and links on Twitter do not necessarily become faded once the contrast has been increased but they won’t be as bright as they once were and for some Twitter users this may be more apparent with a Dim or Lights out (black) background opposed to white.

There are many reasons to increase color contrast. Increasing color contrast is said to improve legibility by increasing the contrast between text an background colors. In other words, increasing color contrast can make it easier for a reader to decode symbols.

According to one popular tweet, increasing the color contrast can turn those nasty bright colors used to distinguish hashtags, hyperlinks, buttons, and more into soft pastels. And this is true because using the increase color contrast feature on Twitter will turn colors that may be too bright for some users into a more soft and delicate shade of color.

This feature changes the quality of Twitter for many different people. Here’s how to enable it:

Increase color contrast

  1. Open Twitter from your desktop, desktop mode, or in the Twitter Lite app (this feature is not present on the Twitter app).
  2. Go to Settings and privacy.
  3. Go to Accessibility, display, and languages and tap or click Accessibility.
  4. Select Increase color contrast.


You will notice an immediate change in the way when you select Increase color contrast and I would even recommend to take a look at the Color and Background features to see if they are appropriate with an increased color contrast. Follow the instructions below to change the color and background:

  1. Open Twitter.
  2. Go to Settings and privacy.
  3. Go to Accessibility, display, and languages and tap or click Display.


In this section you can chose between 6 colors and 3 backgrounds including default (white), dim (very dark cyan-blue), and lights out (black). Softer colors may be difficult to view with a white background so try using the Dim and Lights out background templates.


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