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Windows 8 Search Files

How To Search On Windows 8 Operating Systems (Win 8)

The search function/option on Windows 8 can be accessed very quickly which comes in handy, but for first time Windows 8 users the option to search can be difficult to locate. Previous Windows operating systems had a convenient search field at the bottom of the desktop Start menu, but Windows 8 does not have a start menu (with exceptions to customization), so how do you find search on Windows 8?

  1. Locating search on Windows 8 Tile Screen
  2. Locating search on Windows 8 Desktop

1. Locating Search On Windows 8 Tile Screen

It’s simple! On the main tile screen (Metro tile boot screen) type anything and a search window on the right pane will appear like magic, giving you variety of searches between Apps, Settings, and Files, as well as a list of installed applications on your computer.

In the example below I typed in search. There are 15 different options in Settings and 1 in Files, and obviously 0 Apps related to search.

How To Search On Windows 8

Amidst the majority of the screen, search results will gradually appear as icon tiles, you can either tap (if set-up) or click the icon to access the App, Setting, or File.

Windows 8 Search Apps

The search results section displays results horizontally like the main Windows 8 tile screen and unlike the vertical search bar/menu on the right side.

Windows 8 Search Files

2. Locating Search On Windows 8 Desktop

Instructions: Click F3, voilà!

Windows 8 F3 Search

 Note: To exit the Windows 8 search screen click ESC.

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