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Vibrant Media advertisements in-text

How To Remove Vibrant Media Advertisements

What is Vibrant Media in-text advertising?

Vibrant Media advertisements in-textVibrant Media in-text advertisements are non-malicious in-text advertisements that are potentially a nuisance to internet users. Vibrant Media advertisements appear on websites that have implemented the Vibrant Media code as hyper link text, otherwise known as in-text advertising or in-content advertising. Though Vibrant Media advertisements will not infect a computer with malicious payloads, nor bundle with additional browser hijackers, Vibrant Media takes after many annoying and malicious in-text platforms such as Text Enhance and can cause problems for internet users.

Vibrant Media ads pop up from hyper-linked text content and can cause frustrations when trying to browse a website as clicking a underlined word suspected to be an internal link is actually a Vibrant Media advertisement and the website integrated with the Vibrant Media platform is attempting to generate a revenue stream by potentially tricking(*) internet users to click advertisements. This can also fall under the lines of social engineering, as the website producing Vibrant Media pop-up advertisements, may be using unethical techniques to earn money.

Vibrant Media AdChoicesThe appearance of Vibrant Media advertisements have changed over the years, but Vibrant Media pop up advertisements often appear with a silver or grey colored border, a V logo on the top left of the Advertisements next a logo that mocks Google AdSense with an almost identical AdChoices logo, and a link or button on the bottom right corner of the in-content advertisement that says Click to learn more or simply, Learn more.

As previously stated, Vibrant Media advertisements are not malicious and are often used by legitimate companies such as Intel (image right).

Is Vibrant Media safe?

Vibrant Media is safe and will not infect a computer. There is no such thing as a Vibrant Media virus, nor anything to indicate that Vibrant Media is unethical(*), though Vibrant Media can be categorized as adware since it is an advertisement serving platform.

If you see Vibrant Media advertisements while browsing the internet  you are not infected with malware. You can simply discontinue to visit the website that has implemented the Vibrant Media advertisement code.

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How to remove Vibrant Media advertisements

Unfortunately you can not remove Vibrant Media advertisements unless you own the website that has implemented the Vibrant Media advertising program, but you can BLOCK and RESTRICT Vibrant Media advertisements by installing secure browser add-ons and extensions as well as using Windows hosts files and other options.

Google Chrome

1. Install AdBlock.

2. Once installed and enabled on Google Chrome, right click the Ad block icon and click Options. Navigate to the Customize tab and click Block an ad by its URL.

Block VibrantMedia.com ads Google

3. Input vibrantmedia.com and any URL you wish to block advertisements from in the field that says Block URLs containing this text. You may also block the word Intellitext and click the Block it! button.

Mozilla Firefox

Install Adblock Plus. Adblock Plus has been reported to automatically block Vibrant media advertisements.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

To block Vibrant Media ads on Internet Explorer an easy solution without installing additional plugins is to restrict access to the Vibrant Media domain http://vibrantmedia.com.

To restrict vibrantmedia.com using on Microsoft Internet Explorer follow the instructions below:

1. Click Tools, select Internet options, and navigate to the Security tab.

2. Click the Restricted sites icon and then click the Sites button (once the button is lit up). A new window will pop up, enter vibrantmedia.com into the field and click the Add button, then click close. Once complete, please click OK on the main window to complete restricting vibrantmedia.com advertisements on Internet Explorer.

Windows hosts file

You can block Vibrant Media advertisements and the domain vibrantmedia.com by adding the Vibrant Media domain name to Windows hosts file. vibrantmedia.com

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