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How To Remove The Search Handy Cafe AtesSoft Virus (Handycafe.com Scam)

What is Handy Cafe (Search.Handycafe.com)?

HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software (Handycafe.com, AtesSoft.com) is scam software distributed as freeware by AtesSoft, as well as an infection commonly referred to as a redirection virus and internet browser hijacker (Search.handycafe.com) that claims to be Internet Cafe Software which brings prestige to the business with an easy to use structure and its reliability in the network media. Handy Cafe is used to gain remote access to computers for business, schools, libraries, home etc. Handy Cafe allows operators to access a clients computers by use of the Handy Cafe Server Client. Handy Cafe allows the users to use the software similar to how Work Force applications and of all things, Trojans operate.

Handy Cafe Client Server Malware

While Handy Cafe seems legitimate in the world of remote freeware products, in reality Handy Cafe is a “scam” and leaves the computer systems in use completely vulnerable to malicious attacks and allows internal and third parties to invade privacy of the computers users.

Handy Cafe Virus

Why is Handy Cafe dangerous?

Questions surrounding Handy Cafe usually consists along the lines of: Is Handy Cafe safe to use? The short answer to this common question is NO. Handy Cafe is not safe to use. While the Handy Cafe software, including the Handy Cafe client server and firewall software are dangerous, the website Handycafe.com does not use cookies to track and trace information, yet the website monitors EACH visitor to their websites/server and use the collected information (upstream and downstream browsing, internet activity) toward malicious activities which include sharing collected information with third parties. These third parties include malware and virus distributors and known cyber scam associates.

Handy Cafe is dangerous for many reasons concerning cyber criminal activity, extortion schemes, credit card theft, and identity theft.

  • Handy Cafe alters internet browser settings and affects browser helped objects (BHOs) such as home page settings (start up page)
Search Handy Cafe
  • Handy Cafe may install additional provided search engines which may cause searches and inputted URLs to redirect to search.handycafe.com or associated websites.
Search HandyCafe Hijacker Redirection Virus
  • If Handy Cafe remote server software is applied to any computer (back and front end systems), the computers in use are vulnerable to external infections similar to the way Trojans operate. This exploit may cause the user to lose complete computer functionality as well as run into a slue of identity theft issues.
  • Handy Cafe acts similar to Trojans in which remote access via internet protocol address and proxy numbers are used to gain access of a system. Once both the IP address and proxy are distributed a computer system is instantly vulnerable to malware and viruses.
  • Handy Cafe collects personal information such as Telephone Number, Street Address, Email Addresses, and other information via keystroke logging and tracing inputted information over the internet which may include commenting, online purchases, forums, contact via Handycafe.com (and associated websites), etc. Handy Cafe uses the collected Telephone Numbers, Street Addresses, and Email Addresses to send “spam” messages and notifications. “Spam” messages may be operated by third parties which Handy Cafe shared personal information with. Handy Cafe takes claims no responsibilities for the actions, dangers, and risks of these third parties. Third parties associated with Handy Cafe commonly use scams (phishing techniques) similar to Scareware, to scam an individual into gaining access to their computer and personal information, such as credit card information.

Handy Cafe Privacy Scam

How to remove Handy Cafe

Removing Handy Cafe software is simple using Window’s Uninstaller or by performing a System Restore. Afterwards, if your internet browser is infected by redirections to search.handycafe.com it is recommended to repair your internet browser settings back to normal.

Handy Cafe software removal options
  1. Uninstall Handy Cafe software using Window’s Uninstaller
  2. Perform a System Restore to a date and time before Handy Cafe was installed onto your system
Internet Browser functionality repair
  1. Repair Home Page settings (start up page) by removing search.handycafe.com from your browser
  2. Repair Additional Provided Search Engines to stop redirections to search.handycafe.com

1. Uninstall Handy Cafe using Window’s Uninstaller

Uninstall Handy Cafe server, firewall, and other software clients using Window’s Uninstaller.

1. Access Window’s Start Menu and navigate to the Control panel.

Start Menu Control Panel


2. On Windows Vista and Windows 7 select Uninstall a program. On Windows XP click Add or remove programs and navigate to the Currently installed programs list.

Uninstall a Program

3. Find Handy Cafe software in the list of installed software, highlight the software and click Uninstall or right click the software and select Uninstall. Wait for the Uninstall wizard to complete and if necessary move onto the next steps in order to repair home page settings and stop redirections.

1. Repair Home Page settings (start up page)

Remove handyCafe.com, Search.HandyCafe.com, AtesSoft.com and associated URLs from your installed internet browsers to stop directing to Handy Cafe upon opening/starting your internet browser.

Please note Handy Cafe managed search engine is titled “Google search” which may be confusing.

Google Chrome

1. Click the Wrench icon and select Settings.

2. In the On start up section select the Set pages link.

3. Remove “Google Search” using the URL Search.HandyCafe.com or similar by clicking the X next to the option when clicked on and highlighted. You can also manually remove the URL and select OK.

Search HandyCafe Start up

Mozilla Firefox

1. In Firefox, select  Tools and navigate to Options on the top menu.

2. Make sure the General Tab is selected.

3. In the Startup section, remove Search.HandyCafe.com (or related).

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. In Internet Explorer, select Tools and navigate to Internet Options on the top menu.

2. Make sure the General Tab is opened.

3. In the Home page section, remove Search.HandyCafe.com (or related).

2. Repair Additional Provided Search Engines (redirections)

Remove Search.HandyCafe or related internal search engines from your installed internet browsers to stop internet searches and inputted urls from redirecting to Handy Cafe.

Google Chrome

1. Click the wrench icon next to the browser address bar

2. Select  Settings

3. Under Search select Manage search engines…

4. Select Search.HandyCafe.com (or related) from the Other search engines list

5. Click the X that appears at the right side.

6. Click the Make default button on the search provider you desire and then simply navigate away from that page.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Open the  Search Engine menu by clicking the arrow which is located in the upper-right corner of Firefox.

2. Choose Manage Search Engines…

3. Select Search.HandyCafe.com (or related).

4. Click the Remove button, and then click OK.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Open the Internet Options window.

2. In the General Tab, click the Settings button under the Search section

3. Select Search.HandyCafe.com (or related) and click on Remove.

4. Then click on OK.


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Sean is a tech author and engineer with over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, privacy, malware, Google Analytics, online marketing, and other topics. He is featured in several publications.

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