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Boxore Adware

How To Remove Boxore Adware From Your Computer And Repair Internet Settings (Smart Display 1.1, Player Plus X, Babylon)

What is Boxore Adware?

BoxoreBoxore is adware created in France that is voluntarily installed onto computer systems, but sometimes in such a manner that it tricks victims into installing the unnecessary adware client that displays unwanted advertisements to infected computer systems.  Boxcore alleges to be a real on online video player, an essential application, or codec which is required to watch videos online and many infections happen because of internet users attempting to watch free movies online. Boxcore also alleges to give savings offers on online videos, games, and music as well as alleges their ware is 100% safe and does not collect any information about users. But that’s not true, Boxore scans every website a computer user visits and identifies keywords that could asisst them in determining what kind of topics you are interested in when browsing the internet in order to display a more successful adware campaign.

Boxcore causes unwanted spam advertisements to popup which are targeted by the infected user’s internet history and displays spam advertisements based off targeted keywords and collected information. Advertisements usually make recommendations based off the computer users internet history (ad pictured below).

Boxore Adware

Google Extension: Smart Display 1.1.

Boxcore is known to install with ware applications such as Codecs, Player Plus, Player Plus X, and Babylon Toolbar.

Related Adware websites: Boxcore.com, openadserving.com, playerplus.com

Playerplus Babylon Boxore

How did Boxcore get on my computer?

Boxcore infections are related to online streaming videos, media players, freeware, and shareware. The image above shows an example of an infection due to installing Player Plus and Babylon. If you have been searching for free media (video, music) or freeware (Player Plus) and have either installed or clicked an alert bar which states a codec or essential application is required then you may have become infected with Boxcore adware (pictured below). A safe alternative for free movies is Graboid.

Install Codec V Plugin

Related freeware Player Plus and Player Plus X adware also install Boxore malware with their applications.

Player Plus X Adware


How to remove Boxcore Adware

There is a client side and service side component to Boxcore’s software and both components are registered to automatically start up when your computer system turns on. Therefore make sure to follow all directions outlined below in the Boxcore removal process list. Also note, manual removal may take longer than expected because Boxore bundles with clients like Babylon as well as installs an extra extension on Google Chrome (Smart Display 1.1).

Boxore Components

boxore.exe (client)

Update.exe (service).

Removal options
  1. Anti-Malware Software: Scan and remove Boxore, repair internet settings
  2. Manual Removal Steps: Remove Boxore files and values, and repair internet settings
Boxore removal process
  1. Uninstall Boxore from your computer using Window’s uninstaller
  2. Remove Babylon Toolbar and Search Provider from infected browsers
  3. Remove Smart Display 1.1 from Google Chrome
  4. Manually delete files and registry values


The most trusted name in malware removal is Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes provides a free version which will scan and remove Boxore related adware as well as a paid version which will restrict such infections from happening in the future in real time.

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Uninstall Boxore

1. Go to Window’s Start Menu and navigate to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs or “Uninstall a Program” for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users.

Uninstall a Program

2. Search for the Boxore application (Boxore Client)  in the list and remove or uninstall the adware client.

Boxore Client

3. Now remove Babylon toolbar and Babylon Search by following these directions in a similar post about Searchqu, which is an application like Babylon. Removal steps are exactly the same per each browser. Proceed to repair all internet browser settings which Babylon may have changed.

4. Remove Smart Display 1.1 extension in Google Chrome (if needed).

Click on the Google Chrome wrench icon and navigate to Tools > Extensions.

Tools Extensions Google Chrome

Select Smart Display 1.1 and disable and remove the malicious extension.

Smart Display Extension

Manually remove Boxore

To ensure complete removal of Boxore adware proceed to search for and remove all associated files and registry entries (values).

Remove Boxore Files

Search for the Boxore files below and manually remove any folders and files which are present.

  • C:\Program Files\Boxore
  • C:\Program Files\Boxore\BoxoreClient
  • C:\Program Files\Boxore\BoxoreClient\boxore.exe
  • C:\Program Files\Boxore\BoxoreClient\COPYING
  • C:\Program Files\Boxore\BoxoreClient\index.dat
  • C:\Program Files\Boxore\BoxoreClient\rules.dat
  • C:\Program Files\Boxore\SmartDisplay\SmartExtensions\GoogleChrome\SmartDisplayExtension.crx
Remove Boxore Registry values

To access Window’s Registry Editor please type regedit into the Window’s Start Menu search field and press Enter.


  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Google\Chrome\Extensions\jeaihkehdlhkocphopopahkfjcfcphef
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Boxore Client”

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