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How To Install WordPress Themes

[Normal_Box]How To Install WordPress ThemesThere are two different recommend procedures to properly install a WordPress theme. In some cases your theme may only be installed a specific way.

How to install .zip WordPress themes

In your WordPress user Dashboard access Appearance>Themes, Select the “Install Themes” tab instead of “Manage Themes” and select the “Upload” option.
This allows you to upload themes which are compacted into .zip files. It will not allow you to upload unzipped theme folders. Once utilized correctly your uploaded theme will appear in your Themes selection and you simply press “Activate” under your newly installed theme.

This used to be the more common way to install WordPress themes, but now many require you to install WordPress themes using a FTP client (Example: Templatic Premium WordPress Themes).

How to install WordPress themes using a FTP client (File Zilla)

Install WordPress Themes using File Zilla from Sean Doyle on Vimeo.

The best FTP client is File Zilla and its free to use, plus very easy to function.

The information you will need to install your theme on WordPress using a FTP client like File Zilla is your hostname, username, password, and port number.

Your host name is your domain name with extension. Our hostname in the video is AZwebsitedesigner.com (In the video we use our .info sub domain)

Your user name and password is your hosting admin name and password. In your hosting dashboard you will find your admin user name and password if you do not know it.

Once you have entered all the correct information and have succeeded in pressing “quick connect” on File Zilla you will see your Local and Remote site windows with folders in each. These are the 4 windows on File Zilla you need to pay attention to (The windows should be in the middle of the File Zilla interface, under the connection window and above the Server/Local File window).

Local Site” allows you to browse files on your computer where as “Remote Site” allows you to browse files in your hosted FTP manager/root folder.
File Zilla WordPress Theme Installation

Before you attempt to move any further it is important that you unzip the theme folder you wish to install to WordPress if the theme is a .zip file.

You can unzip themes using programs like winrar, winzip, poweriso, 7zip, and sometimes Microsoft comes standard with a converter.
Right click your theme’s .zip folder to check if you have a convert or extract to option.
Extract WordPress Themes
Unzip/extract your theme files to a folder which you can easily access on your local site, such as your desktop.
Your theme’s main folder should maintain the proper title and the internal files should remain labeled correctly and stay intact.
In the top “local site” window on File Zilla select your themes location, such as our recommended “desktop”.
You should see the theme folder you unzipped in the “local site” browser window (The window which includes: file name, file size, filetype, and modification).
If you do not see your unzipped theme folder in the correct folder right click the window, in this case the lower “local site” window and click the option “refresh”.

Now we want to place this theme in the correct folder in your FTP manager.
To do so you will need to access the “WP-Content” folder in the “remote site” browser on the right of File Zilla.
You will find a folder titled “Themes”, click it and enter it.
You will now see a list of theme folders currently installed on your WordPress account in the bottom “remote site” window which gives the details: filename, file size, file type, last modified, permissions, owner/group, and possibly more.
WP Content - Theme Directories
To install your theme to WordPress all you have to do is click and drag your theme folder from your “local site” to your “remote site”. File Zilla will now attach and install all theme files correctly into your FTP manager and onto your WordPress account. Do not close File Zilla before it does so, wait for it to finish uploading all folders.
Click and drag local site to remote site
Finally, log in to your WordPress administration account.
Access: Appearance>Themes on your WordPress dashboard.
“Activate” your newly installed WordPress theme.
Activate WordPress Themes[/Normal_Box]

Sean Doyle

Sean is a tech author and engineer with over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, privacy, malware, Google Analytics, online marketing, and other topics. He is featured in several publications.

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