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green and purple video

How to fix Green and Purple videos in Google Chrome

If some of the videos you view in Google Chrome are being displayed in green and purple colors it could mean that your Google Chrome GPU process is not composing accelerated media related content properly. Perhaps the GPU process was somehow ended which resulted in Google Chrome generated HTML (HTML5) videos and other graphics with overlapping green and purple colors. If the GPU process is not running correctly in Google Chrome it will cause HTML, CSS, and various types of graphics to fail inside the browser window in normal and incognito mode.

green and purple video

The GPU process is a Google Chrome process that is used by the internet browser to display GPU-accelerated content such as videos and graphic files with high pixels (for example, .gif files). The GPU process also serves other purposes; The process can help reduce power consumption and limit battery usage for multiple devices because it takes less power than CPU.

gpu process

In a document published by Tom Wiltzius, Vangelis Kokkevis & the Chrome Graphics team they state that web browsers traditionally relied on the central processing units to render graphics. But now with graphics processing units being an integral part of popular devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.), attention has turned to finding ways to effectively use this underlying hardware to achieve better performance and power savings.

GPU can achieve far better efficiency than the CPU (both in terms of speed and power draw) in drawing and compositing operations that involve large numbers of pixels. – Chromium.org


There are several solutions and troubleshooting options that can help you find the appropriate answer to fix green and purple videos and display normal SD and HD videos and graphic content in Google Chrome.

Enable hardware acceleration

1. Go to: Tools >Settings in Google Chrome browser and search for “accel” to bring up a new window. (chrome://settings/search#accel).

use hardware acceleration

2. Check the use hardware acceleration when available option.

Uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome

A simple and straightforward solution is to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome.

Use GPU to rasterize web content

Go to: Enable GPU rasterization in Google Chrome browser and set the option to default. (chrome://flags/#enable-gpu-rasterization)

Specify the number of MSAA samples for GPU rasterization

Go to: GPU rasterization MSAA sample count in Google Chrome browser and set the option to default. (chrome://flags/#gpu-rasterization-msaa-sample-count)

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