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Mac Keychain access find wifi password

How to find your Wifi Password on a Mac

Locating your Wireless Password on a Mac

Did you know that you can easily find your wireless internet password on your Mac computer? It’s very simple. You do not need to download third-party software or perform any tedious tasks, all you need is your administrator name and password for Mac OS X.

Mac Operating Systems have a utility application called “Keychain Access” (pictured above) that allows users to perform a wide variety of tasks and modify network and privacy settings. From the Mac OS X Keychain Access utility app users can view their wireless password.

How to find your Wifi Password on a Mac

To find your wifi password on your Mac computer please follow the comprehensive guide below to open the Mac OS X Keychain Access utility application.

wifi password on a mac

1. Open Finder, click Applications on the left panel, and open the Utilities folder.

wireless password on a mac

2. In the Utilities folder locate the Keychain Access application represented by a key-chain icon and click it to open it.

find mac wifi password

3. The Keychain Access application will now appear. In the list (Keychains > System), locate your wireless internet name and double click it to open the next window.

keychain access mac wifi password

4. A new window will appear that contains information about your wireless network such as the name, kind, account, location, and comments. At the bottom of this window there is a radio box that says Show password:.

locate mac wireless password

5. Check the radio box next to Show password:. A small widow will now appear that says Keychain Access wants to make changes and will ask for your username and password. Please enter your name and password and click OK.

6. Another window asking for your username and password may appear that says “OS X wants to make changes” (pictured above step 5). Enter your username and password again, and click Allow. *If this window does not appear you may be able to view your password on the previous window where you checked the “Show password:” radio box.

find wireless password on a mac

6. You are now able to view your wifi password on the previous window where you checked the “Show password:” radio button. *This will be found under the Attributes section, not the Access Control Section, and your wireless password be located at the bottom (circled in the picture above). Please note, you do not need to click the Save Changes button, you may simply close each window.

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