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How to disable Facebook auto-play videos


You may have noticed that Facebook automatically plays videos when they are visible on your display. This can be a nuisance for some people and can also ruin the performance and battery life of mobile devices.

Facebook auto play videos

Fortunately for some, stopping Facebook from playing videos automatically is easy to do from your computer, iPhone, and iPad; However, the option to disable videos from auto-playing on Facebook on an Android device is restricted and will only allow users to stop the video auto-play feature if their device is not connected to a Wi-Fi network.


1. Log in to your Facebook account.

disable Facebook Auto-Play Videos

2. Click the small drop-down arrow on the top blue menu bar and select Settings.

3. On the right side of the Settings page click Videos to enter the Video Settings page.

stop Auto-Play Videos on Facebook

4. On the Video Settings page, under the Auto-Play Videos option, change the On to Off. Facebook videos will no longer automatically start on your computer.


1. Access the Facebook application on your mobile device.

disable Facebook videos mobile cell phone

2. Select Settings and check the box under General Settings for “Auto-play videos on Wi-Fi only.”

iPhone and iPad

1. Go to your phone or tablet’s settings and tap Facebook to open.

2. Tap Settings

facebook video autoplay on iphone

3. Under Video tap Auto-play and change On to Off.

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