How To Customize The Font Color Of Text In The WordPress Jetpack Plugin Infinite Scroll Footer (Theme Name, Credits)

Customizing Infinite Scroll Footer Text Color With CSS

The WordPress Jetpack plugin has a great Infinite Scroll feature that will load posts and articles on the home page, category pages, tag pages, and more, instead of showing the “next page” or whatever navigational link is provided.

WordPress Jetpack Infinte Scroll

By default the Infinite Scroll footer displays text such as the WordPress website’s title and credits (how to remove credits and theme name) in black, or whatever your theme is set to. The color of text in the Jetpack plugin’s Infinite Scroll footer can easily be changed using custom CSS. Also note, you can edit the Infinite Scroll footer’s CSS in the plugin editor.

How To Change The Font Color Of Text On The Infinite Scroll Footer

1. Access your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Edit CSS, your custom.css file, or if you’re comfortable, your style.css file.

2. Copy and paste the CSS below into your custom.css file and save/update it.

#infinite-footer .container a { color: #FF00B4; }

3. To change the color of the text in the Infinite Scroll footer switch the hex numbers in the code above to your preferred color… unless you like pink.

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