How To Create A Shortcode For A Blank Or Empty Line On WordPress

[Normal_Box]Creating blank and empty lines on WordPress

Creating Empty Lines On WP

There may be a point in time where someone needs to create an empty space or a blank line somewhere on WordPress, without using CSS markups. For instance, sometimes the visual editor on WordPress can become clustered, and [shortcode] can be used to identify or mark the location of a blank line.

There are plenty of right ways to create blank spaces and empty lines on WordPress including the use of amperstamps (&nbsp;), rule tags (<br>,<hr>), creating tables, columns, and more. What we did in the code snippet below is we used an amperstamp with paragraph tags to be used as a PHP function, so when the shortcode [blank] is inserted onto a page or post on WordPress an individual blank line or empty space is created.[/Normal_Box]

Copy and paste into functions.php file Copy and paste the snippet below into your current theme’s functions.php file.[Normal_Box]

/* shortcode for blank line */
function blankline() {
 return '<p>&nbsp;</p>';
add_shortcode('blank', 'blankline');

[/Normal_Box]To create a blank or empty line on WordPress use the shortcode: [blank]

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4 Responses

  1. Tyrhone says:

    Hi, I did this and it completely locked me out of my site, any advice on getting back in?

    • Sean Doyle says:

      I’m not having issues viewing your site.
      Access your functions.php file and erase it again… Your WP login isn’t the only place this file is located, get into your FTP manager.

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