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HDCP Error Detected

What is ‘HDCP Error Detected’ and how do I fix it? (Roku)

HDCP Error Detected

Learn what ‘HDCP Error Detected’ means and how you can fix the HDCP Error Detected black screen on your Roku player and TV.

HDCP Error Detected

What is HDCP Error Detected?

HDCP Error Detected means that your Roku streaming player does not adequately support the copy and content protection technology (knwon as HDCP) because the HDMI connection with your TV or audio/video receiver (AVR) have an issue trying to link with each other. If this is the case your TV or receiver might show a black screen that says “HDCP Error Detected” with the error code 020, or it might show you a purple screen that says “HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled.”

HDCP Error Detected

To play this content, all HDMI connections must support High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP).

Try the following steps to resolve this issue.

Note: if you have an A/V receiver connected to your Roku player, perform the steps on it rather than on your TV.

1. Unplug the HDMI cable from both your Roku player and TV.

2. Turn off your TV and unplug the power cords for your Roku player and TV.

3. Reconnect each end of the HDMI cable firmly.

4. Reconnect the power cords for each device and turn on the TV.

For more help, visit: go.roku.com/HDCPhelp

Error code: 020

The TV and movie industry has used HDCP as a copy and content protection standard for a long time. It was originally used to prevent you from copying commercial VHS tapes. The latest copy protection technology called High-bandwidth Digital Copy Protection (or HDCP for short) is used on HDMI connections for digital devices such as Blu-ray players, cable boxes, Apple TV, streaming media devices, and of course, Roku streaming devices. There is even newer technology called HDCP 2.2 that is used on devices that streak 4k or 4k HDR content.

There are several suggestions to fix the HDCP Error Detected message on your Roku streaming player. Some require you to restart your device or unplug your TV; However, your HDMI cable may be damaged and causing the problem as well. If this is the case you will need to replace your current HDMI cable to one that is not damaged. The streaming player might also have issue if you are using a HDMI switch, AVR, or computer monitor. In other cases, your TV might not support HDCP and you should contact your equipment manufacturer for more information.

How to fix HDCP Error Detected

1. Unplug both ends of the HDMI cable (from your Roku player and TV).

2. Turn off your TV and unplug both power cords from your Roku player and TV.

3. Firmly reconnect each end of the HDMI cable to your Roku player and TV, making sure that they are connected properly.

4. Reconnect the power cords for each device and wait for your Roku player to power on.

5. Turn on the TV and try viewing the video again.

If you are still getting the HDCP Error Detected screen try the additional suggestions below:

  • Try a different HDMI input on your TV.
  • Replace the HDMI cable.  Your current cable might be defective or damaged.
  •  Use a HDMI cable that is less than 6 feet.
  • If you are using an HDMI switch or AVR, connect the Roku player directly to the TV instead.
  • Try using different Display Settings on your Roku player. You can find these settings under Settings > Display type.

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  • Our ROKU stick was overheating because it was plugged into a TV that was on pretty much all day everyday. We unplugged the stick and let it cool down. Once it cooled down it worked just fine.

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What is ‘HDCP unauthorised. Content disabled’ and how to fix it? (Roku)