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How to get rid of mobile Facebook ads

How to get rid of Facebook ads on Android phones

How to get rid of mobile Facebook ads

If two different people start having a conversation about Facebook ads they may find that they’re having a conversation about two different things. There are Facebook ads that appear on Facebook from Facebook such as ads on the newsfeed and there are ads that are displayed by third-party apps, websites, and games which use Facebook’s Advertising Network or Facebook’s Audience Network to expand their campaigns.

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There are also Facebook ads from Facebook’s Ad Network that are caused by adware. Advertisements from adware typically go beyond what is considered ethical by essentially forcing you to view ads. Ads displayed by mobile adware may appear while you’re playing a game, watching a video, or taking a picture of the Eiffel Tower.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to get rid of Facebook ads on Android phones. And by Facebook ads we mean ads on Facebook.com you may see on the newsfeed or in your timeline, ads in the Facebook app, ads in videos, ads from Facebook on third-party apps, websites, and games, and Facebook ads caused by an adware infection.

Uninstall adware

When adware gets on your phone it will use your phone’s resources and serve advertisements whenever it wants. If you think that your phone is infected with adware we recommend that you uninstall adware from your Android phone.

Use Ad-blocking apps

There are a lot of apps in the Google Play store that can block advertisements; However, most of them need to be configured to a standalone mobile browser and can’t be used with certain apps.

Here’s a list of recommended apps that will help get rid of Facebook ads on Android phones:

  • AdBlock
  • AdClear
  • Unicorn Blocker
  • Adblock Fast
  • Adguard Content Blocker
  • Crystal
  • Disconnect Free

Install a security app

Install a reputable security app that can detect, remove, and stop adware from getting onto your phone in the first place. Two of the best mobile security apps for your Android phone are Norton and Malwarebytes.

Use a web browser that blocks ads by default

If you want to get rid of ads in your mobile browser, why not switch to a new one that blocks ads by default? There are plenty of them in the Google Play store. Check them out, read reviews, and find one that is right for you.

Here’s a list of recommended web browser with built-in ad-blockers for Android phones:

  • Qwant
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Opera Touch / Opera Touch review
  • Opera Mini (Partners can show ads on the browser’s home screen)
  • Firefox Focus

Did you know that you can also turn off interest based ads on Facebook, turn off the ability to interact with apps and websites on Facebook, and delete information apps have about you from Facebook?

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