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gencospor.tv referral traffic

How to block gencospor.tv referral traffic (Google Analytics Spam)

Many webmasters have been reporting suspicious referral traffic from gencospor.tv in their Google Analytics data. The particular referral traffic from gencospor.tv is suspicious because it showcases unusual behavior and patterns that similar to referrer spam. For example, every visitor from gencospor.tv is a new user, the average bounce rate is 0%, average page sessions are 0, and the average session duration is 0:00. This would leave us to believe that gencospor.tv is employing the blackhat referrer spam indexing method in order to gain attention and persuade people to visit their website out of curiosity.

gencospor.tv referral traffic

Although referrer spam may seem harmless, it has a negative impact on a targeted website’s Google Analytics data because it can alter genuine data. As previously mentioned, gencospor.tv referral traffic has a 0% bounce rate, 0:00 session duration, and every visitor is new. If this erroneous data compiles over time it will modify a website’s proper data.

According to whois information (https://www.whois.com/whois/gencospor.tv), gencospor.tv was created on July 29th, so utilizing the referrer spam method may be a course of action to attract visitors to the new site. The owner of the name is private and A records (https://viewdns.info/reverseip/?host=gencospor.tv&t=1) show that the IP address is shared by numerous websites, some of which are spammy.

Whether or not the website hired a blackhat SEO marketing service like Semalt or Moradam to spam their URL or they are doing it themselves is up for question but one thing is for sure; we are not familiar with the domain or other domains that share the same IP address which is unusual since we typically have a sense of who the spammers are by name.

If you have noticed unusual referral traffic from gencospor.tv in your Google Analytics data we suggest that you block it so it won’t spoil your site’s data. Instructions to block gencospor.tv referral traffic in Google Analytics are listed below:

  1. Open your Google Analytics account and go to Admin > Filters.
  2. Click the + ADD FILTER button.
  3. Create a Filter Name such as “gencospor.tv” or “Referrer Spam.”
  4. Select the Custom Filter Type.
  5. In Filter Field, find and select Campaign Source.
  6. In the Filter Pattern text box, add gencospor.tv and click the blue Save button on the bottom of the web page.

To add multiple domain names to the same filter you make a Filter Pattern similar to: “gencospor.tv | example.com | example\.com” (include the “|” between each URL)

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