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From Dances to X-Rated Videos: The Unfortunate Evolution of TikTok

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in recent years, especially among younger generations. However, its popularity also comes with an unfortunate evolution that is alarming for parents – the rise of pornographic content.

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Recent reports have shown that some TikTok users are using unique phrases and keywords to find and discuss porn that may be inappropriate for young viewers. One of the disturbing trends is the use of TikTok videos with images from pornographic videos, coupled with text that says “Did y’all see this video?” Some of these videos go by different names, like “braces girl” or “braces girl TikTok.” In some TikTok comments, users may suggest visiting Twitter for more explicit content, including the full video. And, in some cases, these links lead to malware.

The popularity of TikTok, combined with the ease of access to pornographic content, has created a perfect storm for young viewers. Parents need to be aware of these trends and take steps to protect their children.

Tips for Parents

  1. Talk to your children about online safety: Make sure your children know that they should never click on suspicious links or engage with strangers online. Teach them to come to you if they come across something that makes them uncomfortable.
  2. Monitor their social media activity: Keep an eye on your child’s TikTok account, and check their search history regularly. If you see anything that raises red flags, have a conversation with your child about it.
  3. Set parental controls: Most devices and social media platforms have parental controls that allow you to restrict access to certain types of content. Use these tools to block pornographic content and other inappropriate material.
  4. Report suspicious activity: If you come across a TikTok user or video that seems suspicious, report it to TikTok’s support team immediately.
  5. Consider limiting access to TikTok: While TikTok can be a fun and entertaining platform, it may not be worth the risk if you are concerned about your child’s exposure to inappropriate content.

Being proactive in protecting our children from online dangers, including on TikTok, is crucial. As parents, it’s important to educate our children on internet safety and monitor their activity on social media. Here are some key topics to discuss with your kids:

  1. Keep your personal information private: Never share your full name, address, phone number, school name, or any other identifying information online, and always keep your profile settings private.
  2. Think before you post: Before sharing anything online, ask yourself if it’s something you’d be comfortable sharing with your parents or teachers. Once something is posted online, it’s hard to take it down.
  3. Be wary of strangers: Don’t accept friend requests or engage in conversations with strangers online, especially those who ask for personal information.
  4. Use strong passwords: Create a unique password that’s difficult for others to guess, and never share it with anyone.
  5. Be cautious with links and downloads: Only click on links or download files from sources you trust, and be careful of suspicious messages or pop-ups.
  6. Understand privacy settings: Learn how to use the privacy settings on TikTok and other social media platforms to control who can see your content.
  7. Report inappropriate content: If you come across inappropriate content, report it immediately to a trusted adult or the app’s moderators.
  8. Talk to your parents: Keep your parents informed about your online activities and discuss any concerns or problems you may have.
  9. Never meet up with strangers: Never agree to meet someone you’ve only talked to online, and always tell a parent or trusted adult if someone asks you to meet up.
  10. Trust your instincts: If something feels wrong or makes you uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to talk to a trusted adult and ask for help.

Unfortunately, the problem is not limited to TikTok alone. Other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have also seen a rise in the sharing of explicit content. While it is challenging to keep up with every trend, it’s crucial to stay informed and take action whenever necessary.

Parents must understand the risks associated with social media platforms and take steps to protect their children. From monitoring their activity to using parental controls, there are many ways to ensure your child’s safety while online. As we continue to navigate the digital world, it’s important to remember that our children’s safety should always come first.

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