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    I SENT this electronic mail from YOUR ACCOUNT.

    I see your device.

    I am in amazement of your movies fantasies!

    I made duplicate your contacts and files. I made video from your camera of yours devices.

    I want 835 $ to my (Bitcoin

    My @Bitcoin wallet


    If YOU don’t Transfer %Bitcoin. I share my horrify of your reproduction fantasies with your contacts!

    If you do not know how to do this – enter into Google&

    @how to transfer money to a Bitcoin\ wallet\

    Time 31 hours.

    This top post as Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza.

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    As you can see they did not put my password in the message, but they did paste part of my mobile number in the subject line.

    I should ignore this, right?


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    Did you check your sent items to see if it actually came from YOUR email account? I received similar email this morning and noticed it appears to have come from MY email as it WAS in the SENT items! And the email is an alias I use, not my actual gmail account, but there it was in sent items and inbox as from/to my email alias that gmail can use. Checked login activity for google and nothing showed up at that timeframe it was supposedly sent (2AM). Really weird… CK your Sent items and see if it’s there or not.

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    Sean Doyle

    Hello, thanks for showing us this. Just like other email scams in the past this is a scam. The email is sent using an emailing spoofing service and any information about you that is included in the email message was obtained during a breach.

    You can search where your email address was compromised at this website:

    “Newsletter sent from your account” tries to scam you for Bitcoin

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