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    My friends computer screen is locked with the FBI virus. She can’t access her desktop and it’s asking for moneypak ransom.

    Should we enter safe mode with networking and use Malwarebytes or Norton?

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    Sean Doyle

    Hello Emaily, nice to see on the botcrawl forum.

    If you are infected with any of FBI virus versions (FBI Moneypak, FBI Green Dot Moneypak virus, FBI Virus Black Screen, FBI Online Agent, FBI Ultimate Game card..), you should follow our easy FBI virus removal instructions.

    I recommend using Malwarebytes to remove any version of the FBI virus that has infected your friend’s system. Norton is also a great program and is very current with the progessions of the infection, but Malwarebytes’s sample size (community, activness) makes their software superior in removing the FBI virus.

    View all antivirus recommendations.

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    I also have the FBI virus.  Problem is even when I start the computer in Safe Mode, it lets me log in but just goes to the FBI page.  My computer is a Dell Latitude D830.  I have turned the internet switch on the side of my laptop to off.  My OS is Windows Vista – Ultimate.  Any pointers?

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    Sean Doyle

    Hello mirving, sorry to hear about your trouble in regards to the FBI virus.

    A few quick suggestions would be to use other tips described on this page, such as denying flash, or logging into your computer system via another user account.

    Deny Flash:

    1. To disable (deny) flash visit:http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/help09.html
    Deny Flash
    2. Select the “Deny” radio option
    3. Proceed to a removal option such as scanning and removing malware via Anti-Malware software, system restore, etc.


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