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    I just read the tremendously helpful piece at ” › Forums › How To Remove The Certified Toolbar Search Hijacker And Redirection Virus (”. I have followed the instructions step by step and have regained control of my searches but still have a question. For some reason, I could not comment on that piece, so I thought I’d ask it hear.

    I suspect I am still somehow infected, despite running Malwarebytes, which successfully found and removed several malicious items. What’s of concern is that when I open a new tab in Firefox, I get a funky looking search page that is neither Google nor a blank page. When I view “Page Source” I can see that is somehow behind it.

    So, when I fire up Firefox, I see my homepage as it should appear. The search bar in the upper right is properly set to Google and all other search bars have been removed. But when I open the new tab, I see something funky.

    I can’t find a “new tab” setting in Firefox that would relate to how the tab page is being directed. I see it in the Internet Options setting in the Control Panel, but whether I have it set to blank or Google, it seems to have no effect on Firefox. I am not having this problem in Explorer.

    Any suggestions on how to get rid of the last piece of this thing? FYI that I am, unfortunately, running Vista.

    Thanks so much!

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    Sean Doyle

    Welcome to our forum. **Comments we’re currently inactive for maintenance.

    I understand exactly what you are discussing.  Here are 3 quick suggestions I hope you find helpful.

    ■ 1. Uninstall Firefox, 2. reboot your system, and 3. re-install Mozilla Firefox. This is often a simple way to bypass this issue.

    ■ Though it may sound drastic, another option would be to perform a system restore.

    ■ I also suggest using a free Antivirus scanner such as AVG or F-Secure’s free online tools to detect any issues (

    If you have any more issues please feel free to reply here or email me:

    Also note, comments are currently activated.


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