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    Charles Michael

    I was wondering if Malwarebytes can remove the ransomware that changes your files to zepto? I don’t want to get the files back I just want to remove the malware.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Tech Support

    Welcome to the Security Center forum,

    To answer your question. Yes, Malwarebytes will remove files associated with Zepto ransomware. It will detect them as Ransom.lock.

    I definitely recommend that you read this tutorial to help you remove this infection from your computer:

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    Tech Support

    Malwarebytes can not decrypt your files. It is an Antimalware-Software but not a Ransom-Decryptor. You can restore your Windows system. If you do not want to lose your files try the previous version feature. You can se how to do it on a german site: [external link removed] I will translate for you:

    The Windows OS provides a built-in option of recovering previous versions of files. It can also be applied to folders. Just right-click on a file or folder, select Properties and hit the tab named Previous Versions. Within the versions area, you will see the list of backed up copies of the file / folder, with the respective time and date indication. Select the latest entry and click Copy if you wish to restore the object to a new location that you can specify. If you click the Restore button, the item will be restored to its original location.

    After that, you can download a free scanner Paretologig PC Advisor and check your PC.

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    Tech Support

    Hello! You can also use free automatic file recovery tools like ShadowExplorer ( or Recuva ( instead of doing it manually. You can find good guide how to use ShadowExplorer here: [external link removed]

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