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Apple Flashback Trojan Symptoms, Removal Details, And Java Disable Instructions

Apple Now Vulnerable To Viruses – Flashback Trojan

Flashback Trojan Apple Computers[Dropcaps]Apple is no longer impenetrable to computer viruses. Since September 2011 developments of close to 1,000,000 Flashback Trojan attacks on Mac operating systems have been stirring up a lot of conversation and Mac users are flooding to Apple stores for solutions.[/Dropcaps]
In respect to the current progression of Malware on Mac operating systems we have provided useful information to remove the dangerous Flashback Trojan from Mac OS X.
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Is your Mac operating system at risk?

How does the Flashback Trojan infect Apple computers?

There are different phases of this:

i. Your system does not consistently function nor power correctly

1. Sometimes accompanied by different/dim colored green and red power lights.

ii. Your computer powers for a few seconds, shows a blank colored screen, and turns off.

1. Sometimes turning off reaching the desktop screen.

iii. Your computer does not turn on at all


How Does The Flashback Trojan Infect Mac OS X?

The Flashback Trojan horse is designed to attack Mac OS X and steal personal information by injecting code into web browsers and other applications (Java). The malicious Java code attempts to call remote servers and upload screenshots of personal information and data to them.

It is difficult to exactly pinpoint where the infection took place. For OS X systems with Java installed, visiting a malicious website containing the malware code will result in one of two installation possibilities.

  1. The Flashback Trojan will ask for an administrator password, and if the password is supplied the Flashback Trojan will install its payload within the Applications folder.
  2. If no password is supplied the Malware will install to users accounts and run a more global course.


Which Mac Operating Systems Are At Risk?

mac flashback safe  Snow Leopard 10.6 and Lion 10.7 (Safe)

 Apple released a new version of Java for Snow Leopard and Lion, which means formatted, reinstalled, or upated OS X 10.6 and 10.7 are safe from the Flashback Trojan.

Mac Flashback at risk  Snow Leopard and Lion below 10.6 and 10.7 (At risk)

 Mac OS X below Snow Leopard 10.6 and Lion 10.7 which allow Java are vulnerable to the Flashback Trojan. Mac OS X users with XProject are at risk for the time being due to the Flashback Trojan simply bypassing any set rules by XProject – so make sure you at least disable your Java![/Normal_Box]
[Note]Java is not  included in the latest version of Mac OS X Lion and Apple will no longer be updating Java.[/Note]

How To Remove The Flashback Trojan

If you have Java installed/enabled on your Mac OS X the only way to prevent attacks from the Flashback Trojan is to disable Java. We have included instructions to disable Java for Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox internet browsers as well as your entire system.

  • Solution: Disable Java

Apple Safari

Disabling Java can be done in the Security preferences , or by un-checking the query for Java runtime entries in the Java Preferences utility. See video below.

Google Chrome

Visit your Plugins (Type “Chrome.Plugins” in the address bar). Disable Java.

Mozilla Firefox

Visit “Tools” on the menu bar, choose Add-Ons, Click Plugins, and Disable Java.

How To Disable Java [Video]


This is a 3rd party video by Simply Mac (we do not condone the use of their services),  please note Apple will no longer be updating Java.

Other Options:

1. Update your computer
If you suspect your computer has been attacked by the Flashback Trojan and can not access your operating system contact your local Apple store technician for an upgrade.

2. Replace, Reformat, or Recover your Hard Drive before the point of infection.

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