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How to block Fixerkit.com referrer spam in Google Analytics

What is Fixerkit.com?

Fixerkit.com is a website owned by Samet AKIN from Turkey (according to public WHOIS records) that contains various SEO packages that you can buy and free online tools including a site analysis checker and keyword rank finder.


There are concerns about Fixerkit.com because the website utilizes a blackhat marketing tactic called referrer spam indexing to advertise its services and tools. With the use of this tactic, Fixerkit.com targets your site’s Google Analytics data with fake referral traffic that may raise your curiosity and persuade you to visit the URL or search the web for information about the website. No one was actually referred to your website from Fixerkit.com.

fixerkit.com referral

The downside to referrer spam is that there may be negative implications on your website’s Google Analytics data. For example, Fixerkit.com referral traffic usually creates a 100% bounce rate and this can modify your site’s authentic bounce rate without your knowledge.

It’s up to you if you want to avoid Fixerkit.com; However, always use caution if you plan to pay for services from websites that utilize unethical marketing practices. To add to this, contacting websites like this may result in numerous unwanted email messages.

Is Fixerkit.com harmful?

Fixerkit.com referrer spam may like more of a nuisance than it is harmful but as previously mentioned, it can modify your Google Analytics data by manufacturing incorrect information and many people find this to be harmful.

There are many ways that Fixerkit.com can be harmful. For example, fake visitors from Fixerkit.com visit only 1 page on your site and leave your site from the same page. While this creates a bounce rate of 100%, it also measures to 1 page per session and visitors will average a length of a session equal to 00:00:00, among other changes to various site data.

How to block Fixerkit .com referrer spam

Create a campaign source filter to block all referral traffic from Fixerkit.com in Google Analytics. Follow these instructions to create a campaign source filter:

  1. Open your Google Analytics account and go to Admin > Filters.
  2. Click the + ADD FILTER button.
  3. Create a Filter Name such as “Fixerkit.com” or “Referrer Spam.”
  4. Select the Custom Filter Type.
  5. In Filter Field, find and select Campaign Source.
  6. In the Filter Pattern text box, add Fixerkit.com and click the blue Save button on the bottom of the web page.

To add multiple domain names to the same filter you make a Filter Pattern similar to “Fixerkit.com | Example.com | Example\.com” with a | between each URL

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