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Federal Government Christmas Grant Facebook Scam

‘Federal Government Christmas Grant’ Facebook advanced-fee scam

Federal Government Christmas Grant Facebook Scam

An advanced-fee scam clones your Facebook friends Facebook account and sends you a message about a “Federal Government Christmas Grant.”

I recently got a friend request on Facebook from someone I was already friends with. The account had no posts, no displayed friends, and only one picture so I knew it was fraudulent. Then the account sent me a message saying “hello, how are you?” I replied to them out of curiosity and discovered the fake account was being used to gather my personal information and promote an advanced-fee scam.

Federal Government Christmas Grant scam

The scammer promised me that I could obtain money through a Federal Government Christmas Grant program (FGCG) if I sent an email to Agentstevendonald@gmail.com, filled out a form, and made an advanced payment.

Federal Government Christmas Grant

I sent an email message to the address the scammer wanted me to. Oddly enough, the email messages I received back only contained text in the subject and not in the body. This might be done to bypass spam filters.

Transcript of Facebook messages:


How are you doing

Good. How are you?

Am doing pretty good

Hope life is blessed with you

You too

Good I hope all is well with you there, am so exited to see you online here many good things has been happening on here i wonder if you have heard about the good news for the new program made by the Federal Government for this upcoming Christmas?

Nope. What is it?

it’s called (FGCG) FEDERAL GOVERNMENT CHRISTMAS GRANT, it’s for the season promo to help the citizens to have a wonderful Christmas experience this time around and also to help Retired, Workers, Youth, Old and Disable with cash in the society, Do you get anything from them?


I got $100000 from them cash when I apply for the grant.

No paying back

Oh how cool!

Did you know how to apply

No, please tell me!


Omg who is agent steven donald?

You are to text them that a friend of you told you about it that you want to apply.

He is the agent in charge of the grant

thank you so much, im going to email him


I sent him a message. I hope I can get money too

Hope he replies soon

They will get back to you

Just keep me posted

trhanks so much

i love this

i think i will get 300000 if it ry hard


You will be giving a form to fill

You will pay for delivery fees

Transcript of email messages:


Am Steven Donald

Before we proceed as a Grant qualifier, we will like you to describe what you will use the money for. Here are some different categories of fund we offered people. >Disabled >Non-profit Organizations >Community Development >Historical Building Restoration >Education and Tuition >Small and Large Businesses >Housing and Real Estate >Medical Research >Personal Assistance >Inventors >Rent Assistance >Faith-based Organizations >Home Repair >Minorities >Child Care >Seniors.

Applying for a grant is a process and typically involves an application. Filling out this application is known as Grant Writing (also referred to as proposals or submissions).

Are you ready to fill out the info now

Full name…….. Mother’s maiden name……. Full Home Address…… Male/Female……. Your Age….. Married/Single….. PagerNumber/TextPhone…. E-mail…….. Hearing or Deaf……. Monthly Worth of income…. Do you have a car…. What do you do for living……… Do you Own a house or Rent Apartment…….. do you want cash or check?

Congratulation as our verification team alerts that your data verification process was successful also you are qualify for the grant,all your information will be saved into our database so that we won’t deliver the grant to the wrong person.

you are to choose below amount you want to apply . Are you there with me You pay $500 & get $50,000,00 You pay $1000 & get $100,000,00. You pay $1,500 & get $150,000,00. You pay $2,000 & get $200,000,00. You pay $2,500 & get $250,000,00. You pay $3,000 & get $300,000,00. You pay $3,500 & get $350,000.00. You pay $4,000 & get $400,000.00. You pay $4,500 & get $450,000,00. You pay $5,000 & get $500,000,00. You pay $6,000 & get $550,000,00. You pay $7,000 & get $700,000,00. You pay $9,000 & get $900,000,00. You pay $10,000 & get $100,000,000.00.

Name… Freddie Lee givens jr State… California Country…USA Zip code..91752

You are to go to Walmart to make the payment and send me the receipt here.

As you can see, it’s easy to tell that this is a setup. However, some people might still fall for this type of scam and that is why I wrote this post to warn them.

The purpose of the ‘Federal Government Christmas Grant’ scam is to trick people into believing that they can obtain a large amount of money if they provide personal information (mother’s maiden name, full home address, age, phone number, etc.) and make an advanced payment. In reality, they will not receive a grant from the scammer and the advanced payment will likely be lost.

If you receive a message like the one on this page, report the fraudulent account and hope that Facebook removes it shortly.

report account

To report a Facebook account, visit the profile and click the icon (3 dot icon) next to messages. Select Give feedback or report this profile and click Fake account or Pretending to be someone depending on the situation.

If you made an advanced payment, contact your bank or credit card company to dispute the charge.

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