Fake PayPal Resolution Center Message – Email Phishing Warning

Fake PayPal Resolution Center Message Email Warning

A fake email message disguised as the PayPal Resolution center, sent from hacked website PPYL.NET (hacked by Bd.$3V3N, pictured below) has been making rounds to PayPal user emails after the website was hacked yesterday by the group Anonymous.


If you have received an email with the subject of “Resolution Center Message” sent from a fake or hacked PayPal email address such as security@ppyl.net, do not open it.The email sent is by criminals in order to persuade the recipient into clicking a malicious link that may install malware or take the computer user to a drive-by-download style website.

Fake PayPal Resolution Center Message Email Spam
In most cases the fake email claims the PayPal account has been frozen or is inactive due to fraudulent activity in attempt to get the user to view their account or restore access to PayPal.

Notification !!,

Your account has been frozen due to fraudulent activity.;

Go To Resolution Center for verification process so you can restore access to your account.

This is a security measure that will ensure that you are the only person who can access your account. .

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Does this mean cybercriminals have PayPal account user information?

It’s not sure at the moment, PayPal has not officially released information, and not much discussion has been initiated. On November 5th, the Internet Security software based company Symantec was hacked, they released this statement to us about their customer’s information.

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  1. G Cohen says:

    I received this e mail from Pay Pal Resolution Center dated 112-Dec-2017.
    Transaction ID 201314092XF237653E
    re: Indigo $49.99 USD plus $48.65 USD totalling $98.64
    Said charge would appear on my credit card as PAYPAL “RCRR”

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