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Exposed: The Established Titles Scam – False Promises of Nobility

It often seems like YouTubers will promote anything they can get their hands on including silly business concepts like Established Titles which with just one Google search can be debunked. But sadly, many YouTubers do not want to debunk something that pays them before they get paid and that is why Establish Titles has become so popular. The lack of regulation by YouTube and the lack of empathy of YouTubers have allowed scams like Paradox and Established Titles to flourish as many YouTubers promote them to their audiences for money, including some of the biggest names.

While content created by creators is often regulated by YouTube itself, for example, you cannot show nudity, sponsored content or advertisements often fall into a gray area. A video that violates YouTube’s guidelines will be deleted by YouTube; However, videos that promote scams like Established Titles remain online which helps keep the scam active and alive.

Is Established Titles a scam?

Yes, EstablishedTitles has been confirmed to be a scam; You will not own land in Scotland, nor be able to legally use the titles of laird, lord, or lady if you purchase a title pack from establishedtitles.com.

According to the highest court in Scotland in regard to giving out titles, they said “ownership of a souvenir plot of land does not bring the right to any description such as laird, lord, or lady” and “the words lord and lady apply to those on whom a peerage has been confirmed and do not relate to the ownership of the land.

Ownership of a souvenir plot of land is not sufficient to bring a person otherwise ineligible within the jurisdiction of Lord Lyon for seeking a coat of arms.

You are not actually sold land, you do not own land, and Established Titles does not have the right to append anyone with a title.

In reality, you are only given a worthless digital certificate from Established Titles after you purchase a title pack such as the Lordship Pack, Ladyship pack, or Couple Title pack, from their website.

What to do if you fell for the Established Titles scam

If you purchased a title pack from Established Titles it is advised to immediately contact your bank or credit card institution for more information; You may be able to file a claim against the transactions due to fraud. It is unknown what Established Titles plans to do with the information they phished from the people they scammed. They may sell it, share it, and use it for additional scams. In addition, you may expect more junk mail at home, phone calls from marketers, and email spam.

Additionally, there is not much you can do besides bring awareness of the situation until Established Titles is shut down in order to protect other people from falling for the scam.

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