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Scammers exploit plane crash victim

Email scammers exploit 2019 plane crash victim’s death

Scammers will do anything for a buck from pretending to be a Nigerian prince to masquerading as a bank manager in charge of a deceased plane crash victim’s bank account that happens to be worth hundreds of millions.

Scammers exploit plane crash victim

If you received an email from Christian Garcia, a bank manager at Bank of America who claims to be in charge of a late customer’s account worth $362,000,000 you are not alone and I advise you to ignore the message. Scammers have recently been caught sending fraudulent email messages in which they masquerade as a bank manager at Bank of America named Christian Garcia. The email claims that Christian Garcia has an important and very private matter to discuss concerning his late customer Dennis R. Kozacek who died in a plane crash on April 29, 2019. The email message claims that Kozacek has a bank account with $362,000,000 with no one linked to it and that they would like to forward you the money. The email then suggests that the recipient reply to the message in order to discuss and chat about a way to forward the money.

Subject:Re: Christian Garcia of Bank of America priority
From Christian Garcia
Reply-To mepramitbc@gmail.com


Being a Branch Manager in Bank Of America. I have an Important &
very private matter to Discuss with you concerning my late
customer Dennis R. Kozacek who Died in a plane crash on 29th
April 2019 with none of his family and associates linked to his
$362Million in his company account with us. I know that recently
what comes to mind when somoene makes such claim is “this may be
lies or unrealistic” but Get back to me so that we can discus and
chat a way forward but you must be extremely secretive before
replying to this email.

Its not a crime if you don’t believe me and as such refuse to
reply. I will prefer that you don’t reply than reply but doubtful
and unwilling which will eventually get us stock at the cross
road and deminish our chases of success.

please dont reply if you don’t believe.

Christian Garcia
Branch Manager
NB: Heres the link to the story if you wish to confirm my info:

In addition, the email message contains a link to a real news article to make the message seem legitimate. On May 1, 2019 KPTV reported that police had identified two people who died in a plane crash near La Center in Clark County Washington (USA). The passenger of the aircraft was identified as Dennis R. Kozacek, 70, of Ridgefield, who sadly lost his life along with the pilot Milo L. Kays,73, of Camas.

The purpose of this unethical email scam is to trick victims into sending an advanced payment by promising them that they will receive money from the plane crash victim’s bank account. Scammers typically claim that an advanced payment or shipping fee is required before they can make such transactions and once they receive the advanced payment they move onto the next scam; They stop replying and the person who made the payment loses the money.

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