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Hackers know password from your account. Password must be changed now.

Email scam claims a hacker has been watching you for months

Hackers know password from your account. Password must be changed now.

One of the latest sextortion email scam messages claims that a hacker has full access to your computer screen, microphone, and camera. The message claims that the hacker has been watching you for months and has recorded video of you during a private moment.

I made a video showing how you satisfy yourself.

To add to this frightening claim, the email message appears to be sent to you from your own email account as if a hacker really did have access to your account; However, that’s not exactly the case. A third-party email spoofing service or tool was used to make it appear as if someone else had access to your email account.

The email message may also show you a past or current password to your email account and you may be wondering how they obtained such sensitive information. To answer that, your information may have been leaked online following a breach that occurred on a third-party website such as Adobe, Myspace, and LinkedIn.

To locate which breach your information may have been leaked from go to https://haveibeenpwned.com/ and submit your email address to receive a free detailed report.

The purpose of the email message is to convince you to pay the alleged hacker a specified amount of Bitcoin. The amount of Bitcoin requested by the alleged hacker is usually different per email message or campaign.

Here’s a transcript of the email message, please note that the one you receive may be different:

Hackers know password from your account. Password must be changed now.
Hi!As you may have noticed, I sent you an email from your account.
This means that I have full access to your account: At the time of hacking your account() had this password:

You can say: this is my, but old password!
Or: I can change my password at any time!

Of course! You will be right,
but the fact is that when you change the password, my malicious code every time saved a new one!

I’ve been watching you for a few months now.
But the fact is that you were infected with malware through an adult site that you visited.

If you are not familiar with this, I will explain.
Trojan Virus gives me full access and control over a computer or other device.
This means that I can see everything on your screen, turn on the camera and microphone, but you do not know about it.

I also have access to all your contacts and all your correspondence from e-mail and messangers.

Why your antivirus did not detect my malware?
Answer: My malware uses the driver, I update its signatures every 4 hours so that your antivirus is silent.

I made a video showing how you satisfy yourself in the left half of the screen, and in the right half you see the video that you watched.
With one click of the mouse, I can send this video to all your emails and contacts on social networks. I can also post access to all your e-mail correspondence and messengers that you use.

If you want to prevent this, transfer the amount of $703 to my bitcoin address (if you do not know how to do this, write to Google: “Buy Bitcoin”).

My bitcoin address (BTC Wallet) is: 1B3Lx1t4CQSt3ck85bqzGHC9TeEQGANhUR

After receiving the payment, I will delete the video and you will never hear me again.
I give you 48 hours to pay.
I have a notice reading this letter, and the timer will work when you see this letter.

Filing a complaint somewhere does not make sense because this email cannot be tracked like my bitcoin address.
I do not make any mistakes.

If I find that you have shared this message with someone else, the video will be immediately distributed.

The email message may be frightening to many people who have received it. But I must assure you that there is nothing to worry about. These types of email scams are very common and new ones are manufactured daily.

To ensure that your email account and online information remains private and secure I strongly advise you to change the passwords to your online accounts immediately. Here are a few best practices when making a new secure password:

  • Do not reuse the same password for multiple accounts. Use unique passwords wherever possible.
  • Use strong passwords with numbers, letters, and special characters such as !@$#.
  • Use two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security along with your password.
  • Use a reputable password manager if you have trouble remembering multiple passwords.

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