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Incoming Fax Report Email Scam Phishing

Email Phishing Alert: Fake INCOMING FAX REPORT Email

“Incoming Fax Report” Fake Fax Email Spam – Malware Removal

A new email scam has been publicly distributed by cyber criminals in attempt to persuade victims into opening a fake incoming fax email in order to trick them to click a malicious link capable of downloading malware onto the computer system and/or directing the victim to a drive-by-download site, including malicious websites capable of browser exploitation.

The Incoming Fax Report email is likely sent from a sender titled Incoming Fax with the subject line  similar to “INCOMING FAX REPORT : Remote ID: 8169349218″ and contains content that attempts to make it seem like the person whom received the email has also received an incoming fax or incoming fax report.

If you have relieved this message or similar email messages, DO NOT open the email! Delete the malicious email messages immediately!

How To Remove Incoming Fax Report Malware

If you clicked the malicious link distributed in the fake Incoming Fax Report email, it is recommended to scan your computer with reputable software to detect and remove malware that may have been contracted.

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Incoming Fax Report Email Scam Phishing

Email Details:

*********************************************************INCOMING FAX REPORT*********************************************************Date/Time: 11/09/2012 02:52:34 CSTSpeed: 30145 bpsConnection time: 03:05Pages: 2Resolution: NormalRemote ID: 8169349218Line number: 1DTMF/DID:Description: 2013 Recruitment planClick here to view the file online*********************************************************

Date/Time: 11/09/2012 02:52:34 CST
Speed: 30145 bps
Connection time: 03:05
Pages: 2
Resolution: Normal
Remote ID: 8169349218
Line number: 1
Description: 2013 Recruitment plan

Click here to view the file online


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