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Earn-1000-dollars.xyz spam

How to block Earn-1000-dollars.xyz spam in Google Analytics

What is Earn-1000-dollars.xyz?

Earn-1000-dollars.xyz is a domain name owned by Volkan Ikiz in Turkey and hosted in Germany by CAFEOTOMASYONU. The domain name is used in various referrer spam campaigns that target Google Analytics users with fake referral traffic in order to gain their attention and persuade them to visit Earn-1000-dollars.xyz.

Earn-1000-dollars.xyz referral traffic

If you visit Earn-1000-dollars.xyz you will land on a webpage that says Get Your Free Website audit now and contains a field to enter a URL. We advise you not to enter your website’s URL or provide your information unless you would like to receive unwanted email messages from the website. However, if you submit a URL you will be redirected to a webpage on moradam.com such as http://panel.moradam.com/?s=no&r=42 and then to https://panel.moradam.com/project/. These websites are similar to notorious spammer Semalt.com and are suspected to be owned and operated by the same entity.

Earn-1000-dollars.xyz spam

Earn-1000-dollars.xyz targets your website’s Google Analytics data with fake referral traffic to gain your curiosity and provoke you to visit the URL in your browser. In reality, no one was actually referred to your website from Earn-1000-dollars.xyz. This is a type of referrer spam known as ghost spam.

The problem with referrer spam is that it can negatively affect your Google Analytics data. For example, Earn-1000-dollars.xyz referral traffic creates a 100% bounce rate and this can have an effect on your website’s authentic bounce rate.

It’s up to you if you want to avoid Earn-1000-dollars; However, always we suggest that you do as these types of businesses are usually unethical and have the potential to scam you or use your personal information without your consent or knowledge. Always use caution when paying for online services or providing your information.

Is Earn-1000-dollars.xyz harmful?

Earn-1000-dollars.xyz is not a malicious website and their service may be decent; However, the website is consciously trying to mess with your website’s data in order to get your attention. Can you really trust a website that does this?

Referrer spam is typically thought of as a nuisance more than harmful but as previously mentioned, referrer spam modifies your Google Analytics data by manufacturing incorrect information and many people find this to be harmful.

How to block Earn-1000-dollars.xyz referrer spam

  1. Open your Google Analytics account and go to Admin > Filters.
  2. Click the + ADD FILTER button.
  3. Create a Filter Name such as “Earn-1000-dollars.xyz” or “Referrer Spam.”
  4. Select the Custom Filter Type.
  5. In Filter Field, find and select Campaign Source.
  6. In the Filter Pattern text box, add Earn-1000-dollars.xyz and click the blue Save button on the bottom of the web page.

To add multiple domain names to the same filter you make a Filter Pattern similar to “Earn-1000-dollars.xyz | Example.com | Example\.com” with a | between each URL

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