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Drag Lock icon to unlock

How to disable Drag Lock icon to unlock (Samsung)

Not to long ago Samsung updated their mobile phones and introduced an app called Game Launcher and other features centered around mobile gaming. One feature that stands out is the “Drag Lock icon to unlock screen” lock screen that automatically locks the screen on a phone and displays a lock icon and a battery indicator.

Drag Lock icon to unlock

The Samsung lock screen is a safety measure that starts when a phone is idle. It will lock the screen and display a lock that must be swiped to unlock the screen again. An issue with this is that the lock screen will also appear when users are watching movies or playing games.

Luckily, the Samsung lock screen is easy to disable and we’ll explain how to turn off the Drag Lock icon to unlock screen on this page.

  1. Swipe the side of your mobile device to open the Game Tools menu. The Game Tools menu is easy to locate if you are playing a game or watching a video.
  2. game tools

  3. Select Advanced game features.
  4. disable auto lock screen

  5. Disable Auto screen lock.

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