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Block dominateforex.ml referral spam in Google Analytics

What is dominateforex.ml?

Dominateforex.ml is one of the latest referrer spam websites we discovered that essentially spams your Google Analytics account with fake and deceptive referral traffic in order to obtain your attention and provoke you to visit the URL in your browser. If you visit the URL in your browser you will be redirected to an affiliate link: http://www.forextrendy.com/?hop=kingfranek. The affiliate named “kingfranek” is also associated with other referrer spam websites including smartphonediscount.info and marketland.ml. Most referrer spam websites associated with the affiliate kingfranek promote work-from-home scams and questionable online services.

dominateforex.ml referral
Dominateforex.ml referral in Google Analytics

Why are dominateforex.ml referrals spamming my website?

The reason why dominateforex.ml is spamming your website’s Google Analytics data is to get your attention and persuade you to visit the URL in your web browser. The URL forwards to forextrendy.com; an advanced-fee website that wants to sell you a trend scanner that claims to scan all currency pairs on all time frames to find you the best trends.

http://www.forextrendy.com/?hop=kingfranek affiliate link

We do not recommend websites that engage in referrer spam. Referrer spam is a blackhat SEO tactic that completely disregards your website’s data in order to desperately and recklessly promote online content.

Is dominateforex.ml referrer spam harmful?

Dominateforex.ml referral spam is not harmful to your website and it will not affect your rank in Google Search Results Pages; However, dominateforex.ml referrer spam can ruin the data collected in your Google Analytics reports if you do not block it from targeting your account. For example, if dominateforex.ml referrals appear to land on a single webpage on your website and leave from the same website it will create a 100% bounce rate. If your website is targeted by referrer spammers you may not be able to identify your website’s bounce rate. The same can be said about other data measured in most Google Analytics reports.

Dominateforex.ml referral traffic does not actually land on your website. It never steps foot on your server. It is a type of referral traffic known as ghost or phantom traffic that only targets your Google Analytics account with fraudulent data. This means that it cannot affect things like your website’s bandwidth and it will not be able to create backlinks off your website’s access logs like other referrer spam can.

How to block dominateforex.ml referral spam in Google Analytics

1. Open your Google Analytics account and go to the Admin tab. Click All Filters on the left side.

2. Click the + ADD FILTER button to create a new filter.

3. Add dominateforex.ml or something else that you can remember as the Filter Name. If you plan to add more spam URLs to the list you can name the list something like “Referrer Spam Filter.”

4. Select the Custom Filter Type from the two options.

5. In Filter Field Field select Campaign Source.

6. In the Filter Pattern box, add dominateforex.ml and click the blue Save button on the bottom of the webpage. To add multiple URLs to the same filter you can make a Filter Pattern similar to this with a | between each URL: example.com | example.com | dominateforex.ml

What you should not do

Botcrawl.com is the only legitimate website that contains instructions about how to block and stop referrer spam in Google Analytics. Because of this it is strongly suggested to avoid other “how-to” websites that contain instructions detailing how to block referrer spam.

  • Other websites want to sell you an unnecessary Google Analytics service and obtain access to your Google Analytics account. They will provide you with false information in order to persuade you to purchase their non-beneficial services.
  • Some websites that may contain information about referrer spam promote rogue software and contain malicious links that will install malicious programs onto your computer.
  • Other websites are associated with referrer spam and may be the culprit of the referrer spam.

dominateforex.ml WHOIS information

Domain name:

Mali Dili B.V.
Point ML administrator
P.O. Box 11774
1001 GT Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 5315725
Fax: +31 20 5315721
E-mail: abuse: abuse@freenom.com, copyright infringement: copyright@freenom.com

Domain Nameservers:

Your selected domain name is a Free Domain. That means that,
according to the terms and conditions of Free Domain domain names
the registrant is Mali Dili B.V.

Due to restrictions in Point ML 's Privacy Statement personal information
about the user of the domain name cannot be released.

If you want to report abuse of this domain name, please send a
detailed email with your complaint to abuse@freenom.com.
In most cases Point ML responds to abuse complaints within one business day.

If you want to report a case of copyright infringement, please send
an email to copyright@freenom.com, and include the full name and address of
your organization. Within 5 business days copyright infringement notices
will be investigated.

Record maintained by: Point ML Domain Registry

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