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    Sean Doyle

    I was recently asked how to get in touch with Malwarebytes over the telephone. While the Malwarebytes telephone number is not essentially for the average consumer, the phone number to contact the Malwarebytes corporate offices in San Jose, California can be used regarding partnerships, business license, and similar inquires. Please do not use this Malwarebytes contact phone number regarding product support.

    Malwarebytes telephone number is 408-852-4336.

    Malwarebytes Corporate Address:

    Malwarebytes Corporation
    356 Piercy Road
    San Jose, CA 95138-1401
    United States

    Elissa Robbie



    Ruth Carlson-Jurta

    What is the procedure to remove my yearly payment off of AUTO-PAY? I may not be using that credit card anymore—-Can I phone my payment? Thanks



    Sometimes, customers find problems while activating Malwarebytes antivirus. Activating the anti-virus is an important step which all customers need to follow in order to use the software. In case, the activation key does not work, you will have to get in touch with Malwarebytes customer support team and report the problem. There are a variety of problems related to Malwarebytes which can be taken care of by speaking to the tech support team by the toll free helpline number as the technical team has complete knowledge about the working of the software and can get the users as and when they get in touch with the problems they are facing.

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    Called Malware bytes customer service which is what I thought. One I spoke to customer service rep. he immediately entered my computer with out my consent. Need to know if this phone number is associated with malware bytes at all. 888-302-0444. Please have someone contact me at this e-mail address asap.

    Lisa Quill


    Sean Doyle

    It is not associated with Malwarebytes. It appears to be a Tech Support scam hotline. Do you mind telling me where you located this number?


    Louis McCarthy

    when inputting the 888-302-0444 phone number into a search engine , it appears it is a multiple tech support for many products, so is this someone you also use or has someone taken over the tech support lines


    Louis McCarthy

    Never mind, I see you already posted that it is not associated with malware bytes.
    My firewall keeps coming up with this dll warning, maybe you can tell me if it is authentic dll you use.

    The DLLs O:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\dbclsupdate\delta6\expapply.dll, O:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\dbclsupdate\delta5\expapply.dll, O:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\dbclsupdate\delta3\SdkDbUpdatr.dll has changed since the last time you used O:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\MBAMService.exe

    To disable DLL Authentication go to the security tab under the Tools, Options menu.

    File Version :
    File Description : Malwarebytes Service
    File Path : O:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\MBAMService.exe
    Process ID : 0x250 (Heximal) 592 (Decimal)

    Connection origin : local initiated
    Protocol : TCP
    Local Address :
    Local Port : 1288
    Remote Name :
    Remote Address :
    Remote Port : 443 (HTTPS – HTTP protocol over TLS/SSL)

    Ethernet packet details:
    Ethernet II (Packet Length: 99)
    Destination: bc-2e-48-32-88-80
    Source: 40-61-86-f9-02-f3
    Type: IP (0x0800)
    Internet Protocol
    Version: 4
    Header Length: 20 bytes
    .1.. = Don’t fragment: Set
    ..0. = More fragments: Not set
    Fragment offset:0
    Time to live: 128
    Protocol: 0x6 (TCP – Transmission Control Protocol)
    Header checksum: 0xa58e (Correct)
    Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
    Source port: 1288
    Destination port: 443
    Sequence number: 1559999459
    Acknowledgment number: 1705374551
    Header length: 20
    0… …. = Congestion Window Reduce (CWR): Not set
    .0.. …. = ECN-Echo: Not set
    ..0. …. = Urgent: Not set
    …1 …. = Acknowledgment: Set
    …. 1… = Push: Set
    …. .0.. = Reset: Not set
    …. ..0. = Syn: Not set
    …. …0 = Fin: Not set
    Checksum: 0x6d1d (Incorrect – Checksum should be 0xee31)
    Data (31 Bytes)

    Binary dump of the packet:
    0000: BC 2E 48 32 88 80 40 61 : 86 F9 02 F3 08 00 45 00 | ..H2..@a……E.
    0010: 00 47 4E D8 40 00 80 06 : 8E A5 C0 A8 01 42 17 24 | .GN.@……..B.$
    0020: 44 25 05 08 01 BB 5C FB : B3 E3 65 A5 F3 57 50 18 | D%….\…e..WP.
    0030: FF FF 1D 6D 00 00 15 03 : 03 00 1A C8 7C EF 71 6C | …m……..|.ql
    0040: 85 88 51 01 B1 D9 1C 3F : F7 A3 50 7E DF 9B 56 A4 | ..Q….?..P~..V.
    0050: 42 60 D3 5F 96 B8 B8 C7 : CD 44 58 4A 5E FB 76 44 | B`._…..DXJ^.vD
    0060: 7C 78 12 : | |x.

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