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lean photo filter

Catfishes Are Using This Purple Photo Filter

One specific photo filter has become very popular among “catfishes” and online scammers due to its ability to prevent images from being reverse searched online, therefore, aiding to mask their identities.

lean photo filter

Catfishes are people who lure other people into relationships by means of a fictional online persona and there is a specific photo filter that many catfishes consider to be a useful tool to hide their real personas because it essentially camouflages the catfish’s photos making them untraceable online by using color and matching the misleading images to photos with the same color.

Using a photo filter or editing an image in a deceitful way is not something particularly new. Many online scammers or people who lure unsuspecting victims into counterfeit relationships will often edit the images of other people they claim are them to make the images less susceptible to reverse search methods.

What photo filter do catfishes use?

It has been discovered by cybersecurity researchers that many people who masquerade as someone else online often use a purple photo filter or manually edit the photos they use with software and apps like Adobe Photoshop to add a purple hue or tint.

catfish photo filter

Using a purple filter or adding a purple tint/hue to the image will make it untraceable to reverse searches; Instead of matching the doctored image with the real image, a reverse search will match it with images that have a lot of purple in them or a purple tint. And, this works well with the color purple due to the number of images with primarily similar colors.

The purple photo filter commonly used by catfishes is referred to as the ‘lean’ photo filter, which does not really exist but some applications may have a lean photo filter to capitalize on the popularity of the name.

So, the next time you meet someone online with a purple photo filter use caution as they might be a catfish who will lure you into a fictional relationship or a scammer who will ask you for money and/or steal your personal information.

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