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twitter keyboard shortcuts

Twitter keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys)

Twitter keyboard shortcuts (also known as hotkeys) can be used to perform various actions on Twitter. Twitter keyboard shortcuts can be used to reply, direct message, retweet, and...

download soundcloud songs

How to Download SoundCloud Songs

3 Methods: Use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari  |  Use a Browser Extension  |  Use SoundFlush Service SoundCloud is a popular social media platform that...

How to clear Facebook search history

Do you search for exes on Facebook, or anything that might embarrass you if your Facebook account was accessed? Did you know Facebook stores your search history?

It’s true, a not-so new, but recently discovered by the masses Facebook feature allows anyone logged into a particular Facebook account to browse the entire search history… The entire search history, meaning your exboyfriends or exgirlfriends name.

facebook news feed most recent top stories

How to Change Facebook News Feed to Most Recent

In 2014 Facebook tastefully redesigned their website. Along with changes in the visual design, the option to change Most Recent and Top Stories on the Facebook News Feed was slightly altered. You may think that the option to view your friends, liked pages, and followed pages most recent posts and stories has been removed, but it’s still there. Facebook did not go back to the old Home page setup where all posts and stories were mashed into one group.