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How To Start Windows 8 In Safe Mode (Windows 8 Safe Mode Instructions)

Microsoft Windows 8 has been available for the public since Friday October 26th, 2012, so its normal that cyber criminals, scam artists, and hackers have modified computer viruses and malware in order to attack and access Windows 8 operating systems. Since computer viruses on Windows 8 will continue to rise we have provided instructions on how to enter Windows 8 Safe Mode, or essentially boot your PC into Safe Mode on Windows 8.

How to block advertisements and malicious resources with Windows hosts file

Specially crafted entries in Windows hosts file and additional custom replacement hosts files (relating to size and performance) can be utilized to block online advertisements, or the domains of known malicious resources and servers that contain, consist, or relate to adware, spyware, botnets and other forms of malware and cyber criminal activity. Blocking malicious sources can be achieved by adding entries into the hosts file for the malicious domains to redirect requests over to another domain that does not exist or to a harmless destination such as a localhost or security tracker.

How To Search On Windows 8 Operating Systems (Win 8)

The search function/option on Windows 8 can be accessed very quickly which comes in handy, but for first time Windows 8 users the option to search can be difficult to locate. Previous Windows operating systems had a convenient search field at the bottom of the desktop Start menu, but Windows 8 does not have a start menu (with exceptions to customization), so how do you find search on Windows 8?

How To Show Or Hide The Windows 8 Recycle Bin Desktop Icon

This article explains how to properly disable or enable the Recycle Bin in order to delete files immediately or move files to the Recycle Bin before deleting them, and we will explain how to show or hide the Recycle Bin icon on the Windows 8 desktop (and all Windows operating systems).

How to refresh or reset Windows 8

How to refresh and reset Windows 8 Operating Systems. Windows 8 allows users to Refresh or Reset their computers as well as restore recover, or use the command prompt via the new Windows 8 boot menu. A Windows 8 refresh allows you to reset your computer while allowing you to keep all your computer’s items and settings. Resetting Windows 8 restores factory settings with a new Windows 8 install.


If you have you noticed a process running on your system titled WV43E3.EXE, located C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\WV43E3.EXE you may have been infected with malware, viruses, and or Trojans. WV43E3.EXE is a MD5 (Message Digest Algorithm) utilized by cyber criminals/hackers to crack, store, or use passwords.