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How to block непереводимая.рф referrer spam

непереводимая.рф referrer spam is a very big issue for many website owners, webmasters, and those who provide website services for their clients. Constant and unwanted referral traffic from непереводимая.рф can ruin Google Analytics metrics and other analytical data. It messes with the bounce rate of websites because the непереводимая.рф URL only visits and leaves a single webpage. It can also use your bandwidth and cause confusion for new website owners.

The guide on this webpage will help you block непереводимая.рф referrer spam in Google Analytics and will also help you block непереводимая.рф referrer spam at the source using your website’s .htaccess file.

What is непереводимая.рф?

непереводимая.рф is a website that engages in referrer spam indexing tactics aimed at website analytical data. непереводимая.рф referrer spam is designed to create repeated site requests to the website. The benefits that referral spammers have with this tactic is that it will help them advertise the website they want people to visit and it will also improve the spammers search engine ranking. The downside is that referrals from непереводимая.рф can interfere with Google Analytics data and other metrics, as well as use a website’s bandwidth by creating repeat requests.

How to block непереводимая.рф referrer spam in Google Analytics

To block непереводимая.рф referrer spam in Google Analytics follow the instructions below. Blocking непереводимая.рф referrer spam in Google Analytics will only mask the spam URL. To block the referrer spam URL at the sources please see the instructions below to block непереводимая.рф referrer spam using your website’s .htaccess file.

1. Open your Google Analytics account and go to the Admin tab and click All Filters.

how to block referrer spam

2. Click the New Filter button to create a new filter.

block referrer spam

3. Add непереводимая.рф as the Filter Name.

4. Select the Custom Filter Type.

block referrer spam google analytics

5. In Filter Field, find and select Campaign Source in the list. In the Filter Pattern text box, add непереводимая.рф and click the Save button on the bottom of the webpage.

How to block непереводимая.рф referrer spam using your .htaccess file

To block непереводимая.рф referrer spam at the source using your .htacess file add the code below to your .htaccess file.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} непереводимая.рф [NC,OR]
RewriteRule .* - [F]

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