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ashley madison list

How to download the Ashley Madison list of released names

On August 18th, 2015 hackers known as the Impact Group released personal details about Ashley Madison customers in a 10-gigabyte torrent file. This guide will show you how to download and view the names of Ashley Madison customers that were leaked on the internet. To view the Ashley Madison list of released names you will need to download and install a P2P client like BitTorrent or Vuze by Azureus (Vuze or Vuze Lite), and you will need to eventually download a torrent and view the files inside.

ashley madison list

Before you visit a torrent website we suggest that you install an add-on or extension which can be used to block advertisements on the torrent website. The torrent itself is harmless; However, many torrenting websites often contain questionable advertisements and pop-up ads that can get in the way. Add-ons and extensions we recommend are AdBlock and AdBlock Plus.

The Ashley Madison database shows a lot of personal information. It can tell you if a person was listed as a married “male seeking male” with a “someone I can teach” sexual fantasy looking for a “boy next door.” Or an “attached female seeking male” with a “spanking” fantasy seeking “a Don Juan.” The listed sexual fantasies range from master and slave relationships to cross dressing and exhibitionism. You can also find contact information such as email addresses and home addresses, as well as credit card data. Keep in mind that the website allows customers to use a fake name and email address.

How to download the Ashley Madison list of names

1. Download and install a P2P client such as BitTorrent (bittorrent.com), uTorrent (utorrent.com), or one of the Vuze clients (vuze.com).

Ashley Madison list of released names

2. Open your internet browser and go to the URL below:


3. To download the Ashley Madison torrent titled “The Complete Ashley Madison Dump from the Impact Team” click the “GET THIS TORRENT NOW” link with the magnet image. The Ashley Madison torrent will automatically download but you may be presented with a notification from your client. Make sure to read any notifications carefully and ensure that the torrent has begun to download.

4. Open the torrent file when it has completed downloading in your P2P client. A suggestion to find the file on your computer is to right click the torrent in your client and select a “view file location” option.

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