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Transaction Verification Request Email

American Express Transaction Verification Request Email Scam

Scammers are sending malicious email messages from fake American Express Account Protection Services email addresses asking recipients to verify a recent charge attempt made to their American Express card. The message claims that new charges were made to the account and action is needed to protect and secure the account.

american express fraud protection email scam

The email message contains a link to ‘take action.’ If the linked webpage is visited the user will be directed to a fake American Express website specifically designed to phish sensitive information such as full names, credit card numbers, and more. The website does not contain any malware, software, or scripts that can automatically gather information when the page is visited; Instead, the user must manually submit their own information in order for it to be stolen.

fake american express phishing site

The fake American Express website asks for your username and password. If this information is supplied you are then directed to another webpage that asks for credit card information such as your credit card number, date, and 3 digit CSC number, as well as other data to confirm your identity.

It’s okay to ignore this email message since it is a confirmed scam. Your account does not need to be verified and American Express would never ask you to verify your account this way.

We have spoken to American Express about this email message over the phone and they have confirmed it to be a scam. Also note, the email message contains typos, has hidden characters in the text and follows the guidelines of similar scams.

If you are unsure if your account has been compromised you are advised to contact American Express: 1 (800) 528-4800


Please verify a recent charge attempt

American Express

Account: #

Fraud Protection

For your security, we regularly monitor accounts for possible fraudulent activity. Below are the details of an attempted charge:

Attempt Date:

Merchant Information:


Status: Not Approved

For your security, new charges on the accounts listed above may be delivered. if applicable, you should advise any Additional Card Member(s) o your account that their new charges may also be declined. TO safeguard your account please account your account Action Here

Thank you for helping us to protect the security of your account

American Express Account Protection Services

Example of the email message with extra characters:

Subject: Membership Protection: Transaction Verification Request, Reference: #WKB-2132258
From: American Express Membership Services <noreply-amx_2132258@9e94b15ed312fa42232fd87a55db0d39.com>
Sent: Sunday, June 2, 2019 4:36 PM

Please veri qhtmmhv fy a recent cha qhtmmhv rge att qhtmmhv empt


Ame qhtmmhv ric qhtmmhv an Expr qhtmmhv ess

Account :



Service shadow

Fraud Protection
Fr qhtmmhv a qhtmmhv ud Pro qhtmmhv t qhtmmhv ect qhtmmhv ion

For yo qhtmmhv ur secu qhtmmhv rity, we regula qhtmmhv rly mon qhtmmhv itor acco qhtmmhv unts for po qhtmmhv ssible fraudulent activity. Below are the details of an atte qhtmmhv mpted charg qhtmmhv e:

Att qhtmmhv empt Da qhtmmhv te:


Merc qhtmmhv hant inform qhtmmhv ation:

Payprog qhtmmhv lobal.com

Amou qhtmmhv nt:

63 qhtmmhv 3.58 EUR


Not App qhtmmhv roved

For yo qhtmmhv ur secur qhtmmhv ity, new char qhtmmhv ges on the acco qhtmmhv unts liste qhtmmhv d above may be decl qhtmmhv ined. if applica qhtmmhv ble, you sho qhtmmhv uld advise any Additio qhtmmhv nal Ca qhtmmhv rd Mem qhtmmhv ber(s) on your account that thei qhtmmhv r new charges may also be decl qhtmmhv ined. To safe qhtmmhv guard your accou qhtmmhv nt, ple qhtmmhv ase ac qhtmmhv cess your acc qhtmmhv ount Action Here

Thank you for hel qhtmmhv ping us to prot qhtmmhv ect the secur qhtmmhv ity of your acc qhtmmhv ount.

Ame qhtmmhv rica qhtmmhv n Expr qhtmmhv ess Acco qhtmmhv unt Prot qhtmmhv ecti qhtmmhv on Servi qhtmmhv ces

Am qhtmmhv er qhtmmhv ican Express Limited 12 (ABN 92 213 213 213). Credit License No. 291313 ® Regist qhtmmhv ered trade qhtmmhv mark of Ame qhtmmhv ri qhtmmhv can Expr qhtmmhv ess Comp qhtmmhv any.

©2019 Ameri qhtmmhv can Expr qhtmmhv ess Com qhtmmhv pany. A qhtmmhv l rig qhtmmhv hts reser qhtmmhv ved.


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