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724 603-5821 Connellsville, PA

Telephone Number: (724) 603-5821 is used in Craigslist And PayPal scams

724 603-5821 Connellsville, PAWho is 724-603-5821?

Warning! (724) 603-5821 is a telephone number from Pennsylvania that is used in severe forms of criminal phishing scams.

Craigslist/Paypal Telephone Phishing Warning for (724) 603-5821

It has been reported for years that telephone number (724) 603-5821 is used in severe phishing scams associated with Craigslist.org and PayPal pay services.

  • The criminal using telephone number 724-603-5821 often responds to Craigslist for sale listings (posts) concerning the purchase of a computer, in particular laptops, notebooks, netbooks, ultrabooks, mobile phones, and more.
  • The criminal attempts to purchase a computer by responding to the Craigslist post via text message, stating the computer (or other item) is being purchased for another individual, most likely a family member such as a daughter or son, and say that they will pay over PayPal and include an additional sum of money for shipping the computer to a country outside of the United States such as Africa. The sender asks for the sellers PayPal email address in order to pay for the item and also asks the Craigslist seller sends images to a random email address. It has been concluded that malicious individual(s) using telephone number frequently use the alias Alex Kane, connected to a fraudulent email such as alexkane54@gmail.com and service_tracker@in.com.
  • The criminal may then chose to either fake a PayPal payment or ignore the scam altogether. If the “scammer” using phone number 724 603-5821 follows through with the phishing scam they will then send the PayPal email address provided by the Craigslist seller fake PayPal confirmation emails claiming they made a payment to the sellers PayPal account even though they did not. A person falls victim to this fraud because these emails seem realistic. In reality there criminal did not actually make a payment.
  • If the victim does not notice that no payment was made to their Paypal account the fraudulent Craigslist buyer will then ask for the seller to send the item to a random address such as 3, Olorogun Street Itire, City: Lagos, State: Lagos, Country: Nigeria, 23401 (3, Olorogun Street Itire, City: Lagos, State: Lagos, Country: Nigeria,ZipCode:23401). If the package is sent the actual item will be shipped to another location such as Keller, Virginia 23401.
  • If an item is NOT sent, it is common with Craigslist-PayPal scams that the criminal may send additional fake emails posing as PayPal services (paypal@services.com, etc.) claiming that the PayPal account used by the seller (victm) may face penalties for not sending the item.

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  • This guy texted me to purchase my iphone. Identical scenario as listed above. I threatened to call the police on him. I knew he seemed off.

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